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Life is full of tough situations. When things get difficult with your home, you can turn to HomeGo for help. We have the resources and know-how to buy your house quickly, easily, and without stress. Whether you’re trying to sell an inherited house, offload your rental properties, or get out of debt as quickly as possible, you’ll find a solution with HomeGo. Browse our home seller resources below to learn how we can help you out of a difficult situation today.

Selling an Inherited House the Easy Way

Selling an inherited property is no easy task, especially if you’re trying to sell it the traditional way by making repairs and hiring a real estate agent. Turns out, you have other options when it comes to selling a house you inherited.

When to Sell Your Rental Property

Even the best rental properties can eventually become more burden than boon. If you’ve spent any time over the past few months wondering if your own rental property has crossed that threshold, we’ve identified four signs that it’s time to sell your investment property and begin a new adventure.

When You’re Behind on the Mortgage & Can’t Afford It Anymore

While mortgage delinquencies have fallen over the past few years, around 5% of U.S. mortgage payments are delinquent by 30 days or more. If you’re behind on your mortgage, you’re not alone. Read this before you assume foreclosure is your only option.

Steps to Selling a House After a Spouse Dies

Are you or someone you know experiencing or anticipating the whirlwind of emotional, familial, and financial struggles that follow the death of a spouse? Let HomeGo help. Here’s a look at the three steps involved in deciding whether to sell a house after the death of a spouse.

Sell My House As-Is? Some Repairs Just Aren’t Worth It

A lot needs to be done to sell a house. While you may be considering giving your home the TLC it needs to get on the market, think twice. We’ll help you evaluate the cost of common make-ready repairs so you can decide for yourself: Is it time to sell my house as-is?

When Should Seniors Sell Their Home & Downsize?

Downsizing for seniors isn’t easy, especially if you’re the one aging into an assisted living facility or caring for an elderly parent. Watch for these signs it may be time to sell the house and see how we can help you find the right solution—one that doesn’t leave you sweating over showings and heavy boxes!

Can I Lose My Home Because of Unpaid Medical Bills?

All it takes is one trip to the hospital and you could be drowning in unpaid hospital bills, not to mention debilitating physical and financial pain. Learn about the unfortunate reality of medical debt and homeownership.

Do I Need a Realtor to Help Sell My House?

Research your options before selling your home the traditional way with a realtor, showings, closing costs, etc. There are major drawbacks to the traditional home-selling process you may not know.

Selling Your House to Retire

To help you develop a firm plan for selling your house in retirement, we’ve compiled the likeliest scenarios you’ll face. We then highlight steps you can take to make your retirement dreams a reality.

Selling a House to Relocate for a Job

A job transfer is equal parts exciting and scary. Committing to your job transfer means going “all in” on the next exciting chapter of your life. See how when you commit to selling your house for a job transfer, you also commit to less stress and more flexible cash on hand.

Keeping or Selling Your House After Job Loss

Lost job? Can’t pay the mortgage? Learn more about programs available to help you afford a mortgage while unemployed. If you decide it’s time to move on and sell your house after a job loss, there are 3 simple steps between you and a brighter future.

Liquidating Real Estate Assets

Liquidating an asset such as a house can be time-consuming, right when you don’t have a lot of time to waste. We break down the liquidation process into easy steps and show you how to shorten it from months to days.

Selling a House to Pay Legal Fees

Legal fees can stretch into the tens of thousands of dollars. Higher, even, if any judgments are assessed. Not even celebrities and public figures famed for living lifestyles of the rich and famous are spared. If selling a property to finance legal protection is right for them, could it be right for you too?

6 Questions to Ask when Selling a House in Probate

The real estate probate process can be confusing and intimidating. This handy Q&A highlights frequently asked questions and provides the answers you need to cut through the red tape and sell a house in probate quickly and easily.

Selling Your House During Divorce

A house is the most significant financial asset a married couple owns. That means it plays a large role in divorce proceedings. To help alleviate turmoil related to divorce, selling a house, and all the baggage that comes with it, we compiled the following four questions and answers.