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The Hidden Dangers of DIY Home Repairs: What You Need to Know

By The HomeGo Team On 2020-01-11

Everyone loves to save money. That’s why, for many homeowners, going DIY on home repairs and projects is almost irresistible.

The temptation to do it yourself projects can be especially strong if you’re trying to get your home ready for a sale or to move. While some (smaller, easier) tasks are definitely within the realm of DIY reality, many people end up spending more time and money by going it alone.

And that’s not even mentioning the additional stress! In fact, a recent study of 2,000 homeowners that chose the DIY route revealed that 63 percent regretted their decision.

Here are 6 reasons not to DIY your home repairs.

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Common DIY Problems

If you’ve spent any time watching “fix and flip” shows or home remodel videos on YouTube, you know how easy it looks. From that new deck installed over a weekend, to the hardwood floor refinishing project that works like a charm, the media can make DIY projects look simple.

In reality, things tend to be a bit… less perfect. Here are a few of the most common DIY issues homeowners experience.

1. Over Budget

Most people choose to DIY to save money. Unfortunately, about a quarter go over budget anyway, especially larger projects. And when a project runs over budget, it tends to go way over, with DIY-ers spending more than twice what they budgeted in the first place.

reasons to not DIY home remodel

2. Takes Longer

DIY projects tend to take a lot longer than those TV shows would have you think. Studies show that 55 percent of projects go over time. Most people spend twice as long on a project, with an average of 22 hours longer than projected.

3. Not as Simple as They Seem

Many homeowners simply don’t have the skills and experience necessary to complete DIY work. Projects may be physically demanding, technically difficult, or (worse) both. Many home repair and renovation tasks require specialized skills, tools, or training to get right.

4. Too Many Do-Overs

When a project fails, it must be re-done. For some do-it-yourselfers, this means time wasted doing the same work over and over in an attempt to get it right. Studies show that 55 percent of DIY projects don’t look right, and 24 don’t work right.

5. Call the Pro

A third of DIY projects fail so badly that a professional must be called in to redo the work. This defeats the purpose of saving money; not only are you paying to DIY the project in the first place, but you’re also incurring the expense of hiring a contractor to fix your mistakes.

6. It’s a Mess

There’s no easy way to say this, but often even DIY projects that work the way they’re supposed just turn out… ugly. And even if your project isn’t a total hot mess, it still isn’t guaranteed to look professionally done.

reasons to not DIY home remodel

Most Regrettable DIYs

Which DIY projects tend to go the most awry? A few common disasters include:

  • Floor tiling
  • Ceiling replacement
  • Basement or attic refinishing
  • Carpet installation
  • Hardwood floor refinishing
  • Adding a room
  • Refinishing kitchen cabinets
  • Building a deck
  • Installing new countertops

Avoid the Need to DIY by Selling to HomeGo

If all these failed projects sound like a headache, know that there’s a much easier (and less expensive, and less time-consuming) alternative. Sell to HomeGo!

HomeGo buys homes as-is, so you won’t need to DIY or hire an expensive contractor to get your home market-ready. And even if you’ve already experienced a DIY fail, HomeGo will purchase your home anyway, with no need to call in the professionals to fix it.

Why not eliminate the stress, worry, and expense of DIY upgrades and repairs?

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