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Is the Holiday Season the Perfect Time to Sell Your House? Find Out Now

By The HomeGo Team On 2019-10-29

According to conventional wisdom, spring and summer are the prime home selling seasons. But conventional wisdom isn’t always spot on, and home sales between Thanksgiving and the New Year may offer some hidden advantages.

While studies show homes sold in spring and summer tend to sell faster and have a higher median sales price, many factors — from mortgage rates to job growth — influence home sales.

Realistically, the best time to sell is simply when you need to sell. And sometimes, that timeframe includes selling your home during the holidays.

The good news is that holiday home sales can offer benefits that conventional wisdom overlooks. Read on to discover 6 reasons to sell your home during the holidays.

6 Reasons to Sell Your Home During the Holidays

1. Lower Inventory: Less Competition

Consider that most people will follow conventional wisdom and wait to list their homes until spring or summer. That means less inventory and less competition for sellers during the winter months.

House hunters won’t have as many options to choose from, making your home just that much more attractive. It may also mean you can successfully aim for a higher asking price.

2. Serious Buyers

Let’s be honest: Lots of people like to house hunt and tour open houses as a hobby. But from Thanksgiving to New Years, people tend to be busy preparing for the holidays, leaving them little time to casually check out homes for sale without an actual plan to buy.

The potential buyers who are active during the holiday season tend to be more serious. If they’re committed to spending the most wonderful time of the year house hunting, they’re more likely to actually purchase a home.

3. End-of-Year Job Transfers

Another reason to sell your home during the holidays is that many businesses notify employees of job transfers near the end of the calendar year. This common practice means lots of people out looking for a new place to call home during the holiday season.

When the job market is tight, people may be more willing to move for work. And when their start date is fast approaching, they’re in a hurry to buy, so you may enjoy less time lingering on the market.

4. Winter Wonderland in Your Front Yard

When Christmas is just around the corner, many homes and neighborhoods break out the decor. Wreaths, shimmering lights, and fun decorations not only invoke that festive spirit, but they may also make your neighborhood look more appealing to those considering living there.

Similarly, a fresh coat of snow goes a long way toward making your home and neighborhood look magical. (Bonus: You won’t need to worry about mowing your lawn before every showing!) Take advantage of the season’s natural beauty to pop a pie in the oven, light a crackling fire in the fireplace, and create a cozy, welcoming environment for potential buyers.

5. The Magic of Tax Breaks

Admittedly, tax breaks aren’t quite as magical as a sparkling layer of snow. But for many buyers, the economic advantages of buying before the end of the year outweigh other considerations.

Buyers can deduct property taxes, loan interest charges, and mortgage interest if the sale closes before December 31. Deductions may just be significant enough to spur buyers to make the move before spring.

6. Flexible Vacation Schedules

Our last reason to sell your home during the holidays also falls on the practical side of the scale. Many people take vacations during this season, giving them time to visit a new location and tour available houses.

More flexible schedules mean more downtime, so you can schedule showing mid-week instead of just on the weekends. Consider open houses on unusual days such as the Friday after Thanksgiving, when many people have a break from work and a few hours to spare.

Things to Keep in Mind When Selling Your House over the Holidays

1. Last-Minute Showings Could Interrupt Your Own Holiday Plans

When a buyer wants to take a look at your home, you may have to scratch your personal plans of watching  “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.” Cleaning up in a hurry can put a damper on your holiday festivities, and, unfortunately, buyers operate on their own time-frame. Not yours.

2. Possibility of Increased Landscaping and Repairs

When it comes to lawn upkeep and maintenance, there’s a significant amount more in the fall and winter months. Keep in mind you need to stay on top of curb appeal, and this includes raking leaves and shoveling a clear walkway in the snow.

3. Your Heating Bill Can Get Quite Expensive

Home showings require a lot of comings-and-goings. To create a cozy and warm atmosphere for these potential buyers, some homeowners will turn up the heat. However, keep in mind, your guests might not return the consideration.

Doors and windows will be opened, and sometimes left that way. Keeping your home warm on a budget can be difficult and the not-so-energy-conscious viewers will, unfortunately, leave you with a boosted bill.

4. You’re Left with Cleanup

In the late fall and winter months, there can be quite a lot of rain, snow, sleet, and inclement weather to severely impact the selling ability of your home.

Keep in mind not every guest may remember to wipe their mud-sodden footwear at the door. Instead, they could track it throughout your house, and, frankly, that’s no fun to clean.

No Matter What Time of Year, HomeGo Is Buying Houses

While there are many reasons to sell your home during the holidays, it is still a major hassle and can put a damper on your personal holiday plans. If you do not want to spend your holiday season focuses on attracting and hosting potential buyers, HomeGo can help.

HomeGo specializes in fast, fair home sales at any time of year. We will buy your house in as-is condition, meaning there’s no need to make any sort of repairs or worrying about staging. With HomeGo, there are no fees, commissions, or closing costs. That means you will earn top dollar from the sale of your home in as little as seven days.

So, don’t cancel your holiday plans just yet. Selling your home can be as joyous as the holiday season with HomeGo. Take advantage of the many reasons to sell your home during the holidays without the hassle of showings, staging, repairs, and waiting for a buyer.

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