Selling Your House During the Holidays

Selling Your House During the Holidays


Sometimes you’re just not given a choice as to what time of year you sell your home. What if you have to relocate because of a job transfer before the new year? 

Selling your home during the holiday season is no easy task. Some real estate professionals might strictly advise against listing your home for sale anytime between Thanksgiving and the New Year. But the bottom line is: you need to sell your house during the holidays, but the odds might be stacked against you.

Things to keep in mind when selling your house over the holidays.

1) Last minute showings could interrupt your own holiday plans.

When a buyer wants to take a look-see at your home, you may have to scratch your personal plans of watching  “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.” Cleaning up in a hurry can put a damper on your holiday festivities, and, unfortunately, buyers operate on their own time-frame. Not yours.

2) Increased landscaping and repairs.

When it comes to lawn upkeep and maintenance, there’s a significant amount more in the fall and winter months. Keep in mind you need to stay on top of curb appeal, and this includes raking leaves, but bare trees can expose your home to any imperfections. This could require you to make some extra repairs to the home’s exterior, such as taking care of that peeling paint job on the shutters you’ve been putting off for some time now.

3) Your heating bill can get quite expensive.

Home showings require a lot of comings-and-goings. To create a cozy and warm atmosphere for these potential buyers, some homeowners will turn up the heat. However, keep in mind, your guests might not return the consideration. Doors and windows will be opened, and sometimes left that way. Keeping your home warm on a budget can be difficult and the not-so-energy-conscious viewers will, unfortunately, leave you with a boosted bill.

4) You’re left with cleanup.

In the late fall and winter months, there can be quite a lot of rain, snow, sleet, and inclement weather to severely impact the selling ability of your home. Keep in mind not every guest may remember to wipe their mud-sodden footwear at the door. Instead, they could track it throughout your house, and, frankly, that’s no fun to clean.

No matter what time of year, we’re buying houses.

You want to cherish your holidays and spend time with your family, but selling your home during the holidays is tough. Your schedule doesn’t really allow for there to be any last-minute, pick-up-and-go situations for a showing. These problems are just the beginning of a long list of holiday interruptions. Don’t worry— there is an easy, guaranteed solution to sell your house without the stress.

HomeGo specializes in fast, fair home sales any time of year. We will buy your house no matter what condition it’s in. There’s no need to make any sort of repairs before the sale, there’s no fees to pay, and we don’t even require commissions. That means you will earn top dollar from the sale of your home in as little as seven days.

So, don’t cancel your holiday plans just yet. Selling your home can be as joyous as the holiday season with HomeGo, and it all starts with a cash offer for your home. Just type in your address and you will see how much you can earn when you sell your house.

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