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HomeGo may be a national company, but we’re also local. We have over 30 offices from coast to coast with agents who specialize in the local market.  After all, they live and work there too! Explore the states and cities in which we currently buy homes. A cash offer may be just around the corner.


Phoenix Market

Phoenix, Arizona features a growing economy and an impressive 300 days of sunshine. This established, yet growing city, has enjoyed unparalleled growth in the past year. In fact, recent data trends show that the number of days spent on market have consistently dropped throughout 2019 to reach a new year low of 56 days. As the number of days spent on market have continues to drop, the value of prices increases.


Long Beach Market

Long Beach is a city in the US territory of California situated inside the Los Angeles metropolitan zone. It is the 39th most crowded city in the United States with a populace of 469,450. Joined in 1897, Long Beach lies in Southern California in the southeastern corner of Los Angeles County. Long Beach is around 20 miles (32 km) south of downtown Los Angeles and is a piece of the Gateway Cities district. The median home estimate in Long Beach is $606,82 and home estimations have gone up 3.0% over the previous year.

Los Angeles Market

Los Angeles, California is a booming city that keeps on growing each year. People typically move to Los Angeles to pursue various career opportunities, enjoy the year-round warm climate, route for the accomplished professional sports teams, and enjoy the perks of a bustling international airport that can take them anywhere in the world.


Denver Market

Denver, Colorado is a beloved city for its appealing downtown, close proximity to top ski resorts, cultural hotspots, unique restaurants and microbreweries, and thriving economy. The need for housing in Denver has never been greater as home values continue to show steady 1 percent growth over the past year. While the cool selling market is good for buyers looking to capitalize on available inventory, experts predict that values will remain constant with a .8 percent increase over the next year.

Saint Petersburg Market

St Petersburg, Florida is well known for its sunny days, diversity, and low cost of living. The St Petersburg real estate market has continued to thrive since 2013, when the average home value was only $89,000. Over the past six years, the median property value has steadily risen to reach $224,900. As more people head to St Petersburg, the need for housing has never been greater.

Tampa Market

Tampa, Florida is well known for its sunny days, diversity, and low cost of living. The Tampa real estate market has continued to thrive since 2013 when the average home value was only $89,000. Over the past six years the median property value has steadily risen to reach $224,900. As more people head to Tampa, the need for housing has never been greater.


Atlanta Market

Are you interested in selling your Atlanta home? Do you want to capitalize on the current 5.4 percent year over year growth rate that residential properties are currently experiencing? Whether you are enticed by an all-cash offer, or you want to close on your home in as little as seven days, the HomeGo Atlanta team is here to help.


Kansas City KS Market

Located in the center of the U.S., the state of Kansas is no stranger to the recent boom of the real estate market. This year, homeowners in Kansas have been pricing their homes at nearly 50 percent more than in 2012. If you are ready to cash in on the strong seller’s market in Kansas, find the city nearest to you in which we buy houses and reach out to a HomeGo agent today.


Kansas City MO Market

For generations, Kansas City, Missouri has been a thriving city. Thanks to the work of George Kessler and August Robert Meyer, the city is well known for its boulevard and park system that brings nature into the heart of the city. The low cost of living remains one of the top reasons that people continue to move to Kansas City.


Las Vegas Market

Las Vegas is the largest city within the greater Mojave Desert and is also the 26th most populous city in the United States. Home values have seen a 26% increase since 2020.

North Carolina

Charlotte Market

Charlotte, North Carolina is a thriving metropolitan area that has a little something for everyone. A thriving entertainment industry, easy access to the Blue Ridge Mountains, and a definite foodie vibe, make Charlotte a popular place for young professionals and families. The need for housing has never been greater as the median home value in Charlotte increased by 6.3 percent to reach $232,500.

Raleigh Market

North Carolina’s capital city, Raleigh, is adored by tourists and locals alike for its blend of technology, art, commerce, and nature. It’s not just the famous oak-lined streets and historic downtown that draw people to the area. Raleigh is the state’s second-largest city and lies in the middle of Research Technology Park, an area known best for its three major research universities. This makes it the perfect place to call home for many students and working professionals. Raleigh's job market is exploding, which means the need for housing is also on the up-and-up.


Oklahoma City Market

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma is experiencing a dynamic economy, recently renovated schools, inspiring music scene, and a plethora of cultural activities that range from farmers' markets to art shows. The growing city has created a need for more housing, which is one of the reasons that in 2019 Oklahoma City transitioned into a very hot seller's market.


Philadelphia Market

Philadelphia, PA has a long history of being a go-to north-east city for families and young professionals. The city is known for its growing economy, successful professional sports teams, cultural hotspots, and renowned historical destinations. Throughout 2019, Philadelphia has been a seller's market that has experienced an impressive 4.4 percent growth.


Nashville Market

Nashville, Tennessee is a thriving city that has the appeal of bustling downtown, booming music and entertainment industry, beloved cultural areas, and easy access to beautiful countryside. The need for housing has never been greater. This past year, home values continued to increase by 2 percent. Additionally, due to the heightened number of people moving to Nashville, experts predict that home values will continue along this positive trend in the coming years.


Austin Market

Austin, Texas is known as the Live Music Capital of the World, but it is also a thriving city that has become a mini Silicon Valley, nestled at the foot of Texas Hill Country. People continue to flock to Austin for its cultural appeal, easy access to beautiful countryside, and thriving economy. The need for housing has never been greater as home values continued to increase by 7.4 percent in 2019.

Dallas Market

Dallas Fort Worth, Texas is a thriving area that covers two major cities: Dallas and Fort Worth. These areas are known for their booming economies, professional sports teams, cultural events, and easy access to international travel. The need for housing in the DFW market has never been greater. Throughout the past six years, Fort Worth homes have continued to increase.

Fort Worth Market

Fort Worth is ranked the 13th largest and one of the fastest-growing cities in the U.S., and is home to almost 900,000 residents. It remains the second-largest city in the DFW market and is the county seat of Tarrant County, covering nearly 350 square miles into three other counties: Denton, Parker, and Wise. Fort Worth is comprised of homes primarily built between the years 1970-1999 with a median listing price of $264,900. Homeowners in Fort Worth can expect to see an increase of approximately 2.8% in the next year.

Houston Market

Houston, Texas is a booming and sprawling city that has the appeal of thriving universities, as well as high growth technology and medical sectors. The city also has several cultural hotspots, beloved professional sports teams, and the benefit of year-round warm weather. The need for housing has continued to increase in Houston, where the median home value has reached $190,400.

San Antonio Market

San Antonio, Texas might be home to the Alamo, but over the past few years it has also become a hub for business, arts, culture, and successful professional sports teams. As more people have moved from in-state and out-of-state, the San Antonio real estate market has continued to grow. Due to this growth, home values have increased 4.5 percent in the past year.