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2021 Color Forecast: Is Your Home on Trend?

By The HomeGo Team On 1970-01-01

As 2021 approaches, we’re already seeing a shift toward colors that offer our senses a feeling of balance like a flow of soothing music made visible for the eyes to enjoy.

Understated yet clear in message, 2021’s color forecast brings the natural world’s perfection into the home with just a sprinkle of emotional decision-making driving nostalgia. When colors speak a buyer’s language, you can sell a house faster, reducing holding costs, and increasing profits.

Here’s what some of the top color experts are saying about the 2021 Color forecast.

Urbane Bronze — Sherwin William’s Top 2021 Pick

According to Sherwin Williams, Urbane Bronze will be the choice this year in 2021, perfectly conveying a natural, flowing, minimalist feel. It provides an alternative to plain gray or various hues of white.

It is a perfect contrast with the Scandanavian woods, deep leathers, and light metals often used in a modern minimalist style. They suggest you pair it with Modern Gray and Messenger Bag, two colors that both add contrast and fluidity.

Behr Calls for Colors that Provide Comfort

For many, 2020 has been a year of spending way too much time at home. As a result, we’re seeing a shift from cramped urban-living to suburban homes. Lifestyle changes brought out by COVID-19 are just one reason color experts believe we will continue to see colors from nature adorning the homes.

If we can’t be out there, we bring nature and beautiful vacation destinations into our living spaces. Natural, flowing color provides comfort and a sense of safety so many seek right now and into 2021.

For this reason, Behr color experts believe comfort colors will rule in 2021. These include colors that feel as if they were plucked right out the sky, the forest, the grasslands, the desert, the ocean, or the mountains to grace the home.

  • Smoky white
  • Almond wisp
  • Canyon Dusk
  • Kalahari Sunset
  • Wishful Green
  • Voyage blue
  • Royal Orchard
  • Dayflower

These colors also offer homeowners a sense of nostalgia. This influential emotion can lead to spontaneous decision-making, according to Krystine Batcho, Ph.D., who researches how nostalgia impacts how we make choices. Even a major decision like home-buying comes down to a choice.

Contrasting Complements

As the housing market rebounds from the late spring lull, the sophisticated designer may use contrasting complements to convey a message such as “you are safe here”, “time for adventure”, “this feels familiar”, or “everything is harmony”, whichever you feel speaks to your most likely homebuyers or renters.

To accomplish this, Sherwin Williams has released its Rhythm of Color collection just in time for the 2021 home selling season as part of their 2021 color forecast.

  • Sanctuary – a combination of 10 colors, of which you only need 2-3 to create an impactful expression of calm and safety. Expect to see contrasts like Bona Fide Beige with Canyon Clay.
  • Encounter – a more jubilant melody that contrasts calm yellows like Tarnished Trumpet with reds like Reddened Earth and greens like Rosemary. This collection leaves you feeling ready to explore, even if that’s from the safety of your home computer.
  • Continuum – a collection that offers a sense of balance in the chaos and evokes a nostalgic mid-century feel with a stunning Commodore blue and Great Falls blue-green along with neutrals like Crushed Ice
  • Tapestry – a collection that takes us back even further, giving a modern interpretation of Victorian Era “maximism” with just a hint of 1980s and early 2000’s flair using Jovial Pink, Perfect Periwinkle, Cape Verde gree, and Jaipur pink

Benjamin Moore also Predicts Colors that Provide Stability and Comfort

Another paint industry leader, Benjamin Moore, has predicted that 2021 will be filled with colors that provide stability in a world filled with uncertainty. They have selected Aegean Teal, a rich blend of blue-green and gray that is inspired by nature, as the number one color to watch this upcoming year and also provide a cast of complementary colors designs can choose from.

According to Andrea Magno, the Director of Color Marketing and Development at Benjamin Moore, “Aegean Teal 2136-40 and the corresponding Colour Trends 2021 palette express a welcoming, lived-in quality that celebrates the connections and real moments that take place within the home.”

How to Sell If Your Home Needs More than a Fresh Coat of Paint

Of course, having a home that’s up to date on the latest styles and trends can help attract buyers, sell the home faster, and perhaps even allow you to set a higher asking price. But if your home isn’t already up to date, upgrades do come at a cost, and for many, they just aren’t worth the expense and effort.

If your home is in need of more than a color update or you don’t want to risk putting money into a new design and still not finding a qualified buyer, HomeGo is here. We purchase homes as-is in all conditions — no need to lift a paintbrush or add any pops of color! We even purchase homes needing serious repairs. Instead of putting money into a home you’re ready to part with, contact HomeGo for a firm cash offer.

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