Help! I Need Someone to Buy My House Fast

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Late mortgage payments, divorce, liens, job loss, job transfer, change health status, other financial concerns  — the list goes on. Whatever the reason, many people find themselves looking for someone to buy their house fast.

But depending on the market and condition of your homes, selling your home the traditional way takes too long for many people.

Fortunately, you do have options to explore that won’t leave you out in the rain if you need to sell now.

I Need Someone to Buy My House Fast, What Are My Options?

You likely do not have time to put your home on the market (with an agent for FSBO). When you do that, it takes time to repair, update, and stage the home.

Once that is done, you or your real estate agent will need to market the home and conduct open houses.

Then when an offer finally comes, it typically takes 30 days close. And it could fall through at the last minute, starting the process again.

If, on the other hand, you decide to skip the repairs and updating, it could take months to a year to complete the moving process and find an interested buyer.

All of this time, you may have to make mortgagee or rent payments on two properties and risk falling behind financially.

According to the National Association of Realtors, existing-home sales are down nearly 18%. While some of this decline is due to the COVID-19 lockdowns, people also gravitate toward newer, move-in ready homes.

If you want your home to shine on the market, it will need to be in tip-top condition to stand out from the competition.

In circumstances where you need someone to buy your house fast, you might consider selling to an investor or cash buyer that purchases home as-is.

Not all cash buyers are the same, so do your research. Some companies will only buy market-ready homes. They may not be willing to take on renters, liens, or other less than ideal circumstances.

The cash buying industry can also be somewhat predatory. They might make an offer.

Then pull a bait and switch when the inspector “finds” problems that you were very forthcoming about when they made the offer. Online offers may be instant, but they may still take a while to close.

HomeGo is different. An agent who understands the value of your home does due diligence before making a firm offer.

We can present you with a same-day offer and can close in as little as 7 days — no repairs, upgrades, staging, or endless showings required!

Can HomeGo Buy My House?

Other cash buyers have lots of restrictions and will do everything they can to get the lowest price, even if that means being dishonest to get you on the hook.

HomeGo is looking for properties all across the country in any condition. An agent will complete a brief walk-through and make a same-day offer. If we don’t feel that we’re the best option for you, we’ll tell you!

How Fast Can HomeGo Buy My House?

Our agents can make a same-day offer once they quickly look at the property. You can close in as little as 7 days.

But if you need to stay longer, we have a flexible leaseback program that gives you the time you need to transition to your new living arrangements with cash in hand from your closing.

Benefits of HomeGo Buying Your House

Depending on where you live, you may have seen a lot of signs, flyers, and even letters in your mailbox offering to buy your home.

It can be hard to spot the difference from one cash buyer to another, so we want to take some time to share how HomeGo is different and how that benefits you, the homeowner.

HomeGo Offers Leasebacks

Need to stay longer? We don’t rush you out the door. We understand that if you sold your home fast, you had no time to plan. We try to make it as easy as possible.

Real Same-day, Cash Offer

No waiting. After a virtual or physical walk-through, our experienced,  local agents feel comfortable making you a real offer, not a best-case scenario offer that changes with the wind.

No Repairs or Upgrades

Seriously, we won’t ask you to do anything except move your belongings out by the date we both agree on. Even if you’re selling a home that was trashed by tenants, damaged in a natural disaster, or was taken over by hoarding, we can work with that.

No Showings or Negotiations

Instead of scheduling multiple open houses and showings, a simple walk-through and answers to basic questions are all we need to make an offer. We do not need to complete a lengthy, invasive home inspection.

Fast Closing with Helpful, Experienced Agents

Close in as little as 7 days. Our local agents have completed closings again and again, so they can help make the process as smooth as possible.

They know their markets and use their knowledge to determine their best offer for your home. When selling with HomeGo, you are always welcome to bring your own agent to represent you.

If you’re looking for someone to buy your house fast, contact HomeGo for a no-obligation offer.

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