HomeGo House Buyer Reviews

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HomeGo was very patient and helpful through our transition of moving and trying to clear out of the home they purchased from us. Under our circumstances, they offered a very fair cash offer. The agents I worked with were very professional, personable, and friendly. They made the whole process easy,  with no hitches. They even accommodated us with a couple of extra days we needed to finish moving. I highly recommend HomeGo.

Edward B, Long Beach, CA

“Excellent to work with. Extremely professional…highly recommend this company to anyone looking to sell their home.”

Lisa R, Houston, TX

“Knowledgeable, easy to work with and fair pricing.”

J.D. C, Houston, TX

“5 stars, excellent service, very professional and would recommend this company.”

Tracy G, Atlanta, GA

“We wanted to sell our rental houses when we retired. Buyers only wanted them individually with financing. We sold to HomeGo because they were willing to buy all three for cash and closed in under 2 weeks.”

Kelly H, Bridgeport, PA