5 Trends to Spice Up Your Kitchen [2021]

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When it comes to adding both value and “livability” to a home, the experts agree it all comes down to two rooms: the bathroom(s), and the kitchen. Get it wrong, and you could be looking at a lot of sparsely-attended open houses.

Get it right, however, and you could have a buyer signing on the dotted line sooner than you think. So what does 2020 have in store for home sellers looking to attract a buyer and up their asking price? Let’s have a look:


  • Inspired: Quartz / Quartzite Countertops.
  • Tired: Granite Countertops.

The look and durability of stone is always going to be a winner in a room that sees a fair share of spills: what’s not to love? While granite was once a coveted must, however, its visual weight is becoming less of a base and more of an anchor for potential buyers.

Driven by the popularity among home renovation stars like Chip and Joanna Gaines, quartz and quartzite are subbing in as the stone-of-the-moment.


  • Inspired: Unique tiles, Such as Handmade or Moroccan-style Pieces.
  • Tired: Subway Tile Dominating the Kitchen.

It had a good run, but the polarizing slender-rectangle tile that practically defined backsplashes as a canvas is starting to fall out of favor. Instead, trendy modern kitchens are using the artistic irregularities of handmade tiles and colorful mosaics to bring in organic textures and less sterile hues.

A word to the wise, however: handmade and “DIY” are not interchangeable – stick to renovating your kitchen with pre-made tiles, as inexpertly-applied “personal touches” could end up negatively eclipsing important updates and details.


  • Inspired: Unexpected Colors in Major Appliances.
  • Tired: Stainless Steel Everything.

As kitchens move away from a cool, industrial-inspired aesthetic, it’s not surprising that the historical appliance centerpiece of the room would follow suit. The range, one of the most utilitarian workhorses to be found in a kitchen, is finally getting a much-needed facelift.

The novelty of colored appliances has shyly peeked its head out from the 1950s, bringing in lush cayenne reds and thrilling icy blues to a palette once available in only white, black, or silver. Likewise, stainless steel has been given its marching orders: it comes across as too chilly and impersonal in modern kitchen trends that skew warm and performative.


  • Inspired: Light and Airy Colors.
  • Tired: Dark Wood and Stain.

Even if a kitchen lacks soaring ceilings or impressive floor space, dark hues will make it seem more cramped than cozy. An offshoot of the collective bend away from ornate or “Tuscan” style kitchens in 2020, the use of light colors is being used as a decorative surrogate for minimalism. “In between” hues are hot right now, those that fall somewhere between a “greige” and a bold shade like teal blue or saffron yellow.

Think of a happy medium between strict neutrals and assertive pastels and you’ll be in the right territory for a modern kitchen paint color that will age well. And while you’re at it, just go ahead and leave that cherry stain at the hardware store.

Home Continuity

  • Inspired: Kitchens in Whole-Home Harmony.
  • Tired: “Statement” Kitchens.

At the time, unmistakable personal touches like rooster-emblazoned tile in a country kitchen or burgundy wall paint in one of the aforementioned “Tuscan” kitchens likely made a house feel like home. However, as buyers wander through an open house and spot a “sore thumb” design, it can shift their interest right to the next house on their list.

Kitchens and bathrooms should make design sense in a modern house: designs that are made to stand out become a sizeable resale liability in all but the most niche of cases.

Instead, bring in the design touches and paint colors that dominate the bedrooms, living rooms, and so on. If the next owner really wants the kitchen to stand out, they can always repaint!

Kitchens, like the rest of the home, will change a great deal from year to year depending on influencers and design trends. If you’re getting ready to put your home up for sale, these trendy features might help you catch the eye of an interested buyer and maybe even increase your asking price.

Of course, if you don’t have these features in your home already, it will cost a lot of time and money to get your kitchen up to par.

If your kitchen, or your whole home, has seen better days and you don’t want to spend money on an upgrade on a home you’re ready to part with, HomeGo can help. We purchase homes in as-is condition, meaning there’s no pressure to ensure your home is on-trend and appealing to buyers.

Enjoy a hassle-free sale and bring these trends to your next home, where you will actually be spending time in the kitchen.

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