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We have received your information. A HomeGo agent will contact you shortly. They will call you from (214) 210-7660. (It’s not a robocall!)

Thank You!

We have received your information. A HomeGo agent will contact you shortly. They will call you from (214) 210-7660. (It’s not a robocall!)

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Selling your home for cash shouldn’t leave you feeling uncertain and uncomfortable. We’re HomeGo and we’re bringing expertise, transparency, and assurance to homeowners who want to move with ease, on their terms.

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Licensed real estate agents*

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The HomeGo Difference

We’ve brought together the best of a trusted real estate company and the best of an efficient home buying company to provide sellers with the confidence they want, with the ease and speed they need.

Like a real estate company,

  • Licensed real estate agents*
  • State regulated contracts, to protect sellers
  • Over 30 national branches that specialize in local markets
  • BBB-accredited company that stands behind sellers
  • Makes it easy and convenient, with electronic forms and documents
  • Clear and professional processes

Like a home buying company,

  • Same-day cash offers
  • Close as quickly as you want, in as little as 7 days
  • NO intrusive, last-minute showings
  • NO inspections
  • NO costly repairs before selling
  • NO expensive commissions and closing costs

Should I sell to HomeGo?

If you want to move quickly and your home needs $10,000 – $100,000 in repairs that you don’t want to invest in, yes.

How does HomeGo calculate its offers?

Our licensed real estate agents* analyze the market and base offers on comparable home values in your neighborhood, minus the amount of estimated repairs.

How does HomeGo compare to Zillow estimates?

HomeGo assesses the value of a home based on specific information that Zillow does not have, such as condition. Sometimes Zillow is too low, other times, too high.

How does HomeGo determine the costs for repairs?

Our proprietary cost engine pulls data from local contractor averages based on the level of repair our licensed agents input.

Does HomeGo charge any fees?

While we don’t charge commissions, which balloon the more a home is sold for, we do have a low flat fee for our services.

Seller Reviews

“Excellent to work with. Extremely professional … highly recommend this company to anyone looking to sell their home.” Lisa R, Houston, TX

“5 stars, excellent service, very professional and would recommend this company.” Tracy G, Atlanta, GA

“We wanted to sell our rental houses when we retired. Buyers only wanted them individually with financing. We sold to HomeGo because they were willing to buy all three for cash and closed in under 2 weeks.” Kelly H, Bridgeport, PA

“Being a landlord from 650 miles away was a nightmare! I got in touch with HomeGo and they bought our house in 10 days. The price was great and the agent we worked with was fair and honest.” Scott M, Houston, TX

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