Listing Agent Program

An easy way to sell a difficult listing (and earn more).

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HomeGo is a cash buyer of single-family residential properties.

We specialize in taking on the difficult houses so you don't have to. 

As-Is Homes

Even if your listing needs major repairs, we'll buy it. We buy houses in as-is condition, no repairs required.

Quick Closings

Offload your difficult listing in a single day. That's all it takes. We can close in as little as 7 days.

Buyer Falls Through

Your buyer won't fall through because WE are the buyer. There won't be any surprises or last minute withdrawals.

Too Many DOM

We'll buy houses that have been on the market too long — regardless of the reason.

No Lenders

Because we use our own cash, you won't have to worry about lender stipulations that put the deal in question.

Difficult Situations

Extenuating circumstances can make a traditional sale difficult— even impossible. We help turn a difficult situation into an easy sale. ​

How the listing agent program works

Step 1: submit the property address

Submit the address to the property you need to sell. We will call you within 24 hours to learn a bit more about the home. We buy homes as-is, in any condition. This includes major issues like cracked foundations, and roof leaks, plus outdated homes. 

Step 2: schedule a 10-minute walk-through

One of our licensed real estate agents will meet you at your client’s home and do a quick, 10-minute walk-through. This is not a formal inspection. We will briskly confirm the condition of the home. You will receive our offer on-the-spot.

Step 3: pick the closing date

Accept our offer and consider your listing sold. You and your client can pick their closing date.  Move today, tomorrow, or in a few months. There’s no need to make any last minute repairs, worry about showings, or pay closing costs. Walk away knowing you’ve just sold a difficult listing the easy way!

Submit your difficult property here.

We're fast.

As cash buyers, we don’t need financing. We can move quicker, close faster, and pay sooner than a traditional buyer.

We're flexible.

Your client can set the pace. They can choose their closing date, whether it’s a week or three months from now.

We pay cash.

Everyone loves cash buyers. Cash is faster and easier than financed purchases. Your client won’t need to stress about lending falling through.

No inspections.

There’s no chance the property will fail inspection because we don’t require one. All we do is a 10-minute walk-through. 

You earn more.

You can represent the seller and the buyer. We don’t charge commissions or fees. The full percentage is all yours.

Frequently Asked Questions

HomeGo purchases residential homes, condos, duplexes, multi-tenant buildings, and townhomes in any condition. We do not buy mobile homes, properties outside of our geographic market, or commercial properties.

While we consider off-market properties our specialty, we buy both on and off market homes. Please call 866-507-9030 if you have an MLS listing you would like assistance selling.

Not necessarily. We may not be the best solution for a client who wants a top-of-the-market price for their home, but we’re the perfect fit for a client who wants speed and flexibility. If your client is looking for convenience, simplicity, and a 100% stress-free home sale, you’ve found the right partner. We understand (as you do, too) that some clients have the time and resources to go the traditional route when selling their home. Other clients don’t. They may be facing medical issues, a death in the family, or simply need to relocate quickly. HomeGo is for clients who need to sidestep many of the hassles that can come with a traditional home sale, like repairs, showings, etc.

Our offers put your client’s convenience, comfort, and schedule first. We look at a combination of factors to determine our final offer, including the current real estate market, what similar homes have sold for in the area, and the level of repairs required for the property at hand. You’ll find that what sellers trade in equity, they gain in convenience, certainty, and speed.

You are representing your client, the seller, and are bringing in the buyer, HomeGo. Because we don’t charge commissions or fees, you can keep our ‘cut’.