Faster sales.
Bigger commissions.Get your seller a cash offer today!

Faster sales.
Bigger commissions.

Get your seller a cash
offer today!

Put the power of HomeGo behind you.

With new flat listing services, online buying platforms, and technology-based apps, it is more important than ever for traditional real estate agents to have the right tools and partnerships.

At HomeGo, we’ve joined forces with thousands of listing agents, such as yourself, to sell their off-market, as-is properties quickly and easily.

Why partner with HomeGo?

We make it fast, easy, and profitable to sell your difficult properties so you can spend more time on lucrative listings.

Capture more business.

With HomeGo as your partner, you’ll have an edge over other agents by being able to bring offers, not just a listing!

Earn more,
do less.

With HomeGo, we won’t take a buyers commission, leaving more for you or your seller.

Get more

As a HomeGo partner, we’ll refer listings that aren’t core to us directly to you.

Be a hero to your homeowners!

With HomeGo, we make it easy for your clients to sell, close, and move!

Help them sell without spending a penny!

With HomeGo, there are no inspections and no repairs needed. We buy as-is, so there are no out-of-pocket expenses for your sellers.

Help them
close quickly!

With our same-day cash offers and expedited closing process, you present your sellers with an offer that can close in as little as 7 days.

Help them move
on their terms.

While you can buy and close fast, with HomeGo you can also slow things down, if needed. That’s because HomeGo offers a simple leaseback program to help your sellers stay in their home after it’s sold.

We're a partner, not a competitor.

IBuyers specialize in move-in ready homes from buyers who would prefer not to work with a real estate agent. But at HomeGo, we partner with agents.

We buy when others won't.

Unlike our competition, who will only buy 5% of homes they give an offer to, HomeGo makes offers on 100% of homes we visit, regardless of location, condition, or situation.

ZONE 4 - VERTICALCreated with Sketch.CloseBecause properties are purchased with cash, you can close in as little as 7 days.OfferHomeGo’s agent will walk through the home with you and make a firm, on-the-spot offer for you to present to your clients. CallA HomeGo representative will speak with you to learn about your clients’ home and needs.321Want to sell fast? Buckle up!How it works
ZONE 7 - (TIMELINE)Created with Sketch.321CloseBecause properties are purchased with cash, you can close in as little as 7 days.OfferHomeGo’s agent will walk through the home with you and make a firm, on-the-spot offer for you to present to your clients. CallA HomeGo representative will speak with you to learn about your clients’ home and needs.Want to sell fast? Buckle up!How it works

Seller reviews

We’ve helped thousands of homeowners solve their unique needs with an offer and process second to none!

Read reviews from HomeGo customers

Dena K.
Woodlands, TX
May, 2020
as seen on Google
Worked with Rachael and it was a first class professional experience.
Would highly recommend HomeGo and Rachael if you are wanting to sell your house quickly. Rachael was very responsive and answered our questions along the way in a timely manner.
Adam A.
May, 2020
as seen on Google
I reached out to HomeGo after receiving a letter in the mail offering to buy my home.
I had a rental property that I was looking to sell, and it needed some major upgrades before selling. I no longer lived near the rental property and didn’t have the appetite for completing the renovations myself. Mike from HomeGo walked through the property 2 days after I reached out, and gave me a cash offer that same day. Unfortunately, with the uncertainty in the market created by the COVID-19 outbreak, the cash offer was just below the minimum I could take. Although I didn’t ultimately sell my home through HomeGo, the experience was very enjoyable and professional throughout. I will definitely reach out to HomeGo again if I’m ever in a similar situation.
Juanita S.
Lewisville, TX
April, 2020
as seen on Google
It was a pleasure to work with Eric at HomeGo on the sale of my client's home.
He was prompt, professional and courteous. Will certainly work wit him again.

Frequently asked questions

Q Why do listing agents work with HomeGo?

A We turn tough properties into easy sales. We don’t collect a buyers agent commission, so you can keep it or give it to your seller. We’re your cash buyer. As cash buyers, we can close in as little as seven days. We move fast, but we’re flexible. We can move as fast or as slow as your client wants to go and we don’t require inspections.

Q How can HomeGo help listing agents?

A HomeGo is the easy way to sell a difficult listing and get a higher commission. We can help with pocket listings, off-market listings, haunted homes, distressed properties, as-is listings, expired listings, and more! If you’re struggling to find a buyer for any type of property, we’re here to lend a hand.

Q Does HomeGo take a commission?

A Nope. You can keep 100% of the commission because HomeGo does not take a buyers agent commission, giving you the option to keep it or give it to your seller.

Q Who represents the buyer?

A We represent ourselves but we don’t charge fees or a buyers commission, giving you the option to return the buyer’s commission to your client.

Q How fast can I get an offer to take to my clients?

A We can typically send a HomeGo agent out same day you inquire to do a walkthrough of the property with you. Once the walkthrough is complete you will receive a cash offer to present to your sellers.

Q Do you require an inspection?

A Nope. We take any necessary repairs into consideration prior to making our offer. So we won’t ding your client with financing contingencies or necessary repairs right before closing.

Q Do you buy properties with title issues?

A Yep, if they can be resolved. We encounter many situations that typically make a sale more difficult, and although the process usually takes more time if title issues exist, we have successfully closed on many properties.

Q Do you buy properties that need extensive repairs?

A Yep. Foundation issues, roof issues, storm damage, fire damage, you name it. During the walkthrough, we assess the damage and take that into account before making our offer. No financing contingencies or repairs required before closing.

Q Will HomeGo buy properties already on MLS?

A Yep. We will buy properties that are already on MLS and we also buy properties that are off-market.

Q Am I required to have a listing agreement with the seller?

A Nope. If you bring us a property that we end up purchasing we will pay you a commission.

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