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The Ultimate Guide to What Home Buyers are Looking for in 2023

By The HomeGo Team On 2022-01-04

Now that the new year is here, you may be wondering what home buyers are looking for so that you can boost your home’s appeal and secure a sale.

Knowing what potential buyers are looking for can help you plan where to focus your time and money while getting your house ready for the market.

House hunters tend to have several factors in mind when they’re touring their next potential purchase. Often, these are based on current decorating and design trends along with more basic structural and condition concerns.

From open-plan concepts to lighting to walls and floors, here’s what home buyers are searching for.

Walls: From Neutral to Dramatic

Buyers tend to look closely at the condition of walls during house tours. While they may be on the lookout for watermarks and cracks — as cracks more than 1/8 of an inch wide may indicate structural problems — buyers may also appreciate on-trend wall colors.

This calming color has been a staple of interior design for the last few years and doesn’t appear to be losing popularity. Treat gray as a neutral, and add pops of color for an easy change.

grey walls home buyers looking for in 2020

For a more dramatic look, consider dark green or purple accent walls. These rich jewel tones promise to be hot. Blue also continues to trend into the new year, with kitchen and bathroom walls being especially popular choices for this cool shade.

Floors: Focus on Natural Materials

More demanding home buyers tend to pay attention to floor conditions. Is the floor level? Does it appear warped? Does it bounce or feel springy? These are all red flags that may herald problems.

Flooring choices include cement. This modern treatment can enhance an industrial style. Microcement, a Pinterest-worthy favorite, contains a special mix of pigments, polymers, and aggregates that create a low-maintenance surface that’s very on-trend.

concrete floor trend

As always, wood is another popular flooring option. Dark wood is back in fashion, adding a touch of elegance and a luxurious feeling. Marble and other natural stones further complete a trend toward natural materials.

Lighting: Just Right

Last year the big news was the Danish lifestyle concept of Hygge, with its focus on cozy, welcoming comfort. This year, we look toward the Swedish concept of Lagom. This new trend focuses on a light, natural “middle way” that are characterized by not too much, not too little.

lighting trend 2020

Lighting trends fall in line neatly with Lagom. Expect to see lighting fixtures inspired by the sky and natural light. We also love the use of lighting to create focal points, as well as the use of frosted and matte glass in fixtures.

What If Your Home Isn’t on Trend?

When considering what home buyers are looking for, it is important to consider the negative features as well. You may not have the most recent trends home buyers are wanting, but you may have a home feature that is turning away potential buyers.

House hunters respond well to updated homes that are on-trend. But keeping up with the latest trends in home decor and design can feel overwhelming… not to mention expensive.

If you’d rather not worry about costly time-consuming renovations, simply sell to HomeGo! HomeGo will make a transparent offer on your home in as-is condition, meaning there is no need to make upgrades, repairs, or even stage it.

Best of all, no invasive showings are required! With HomeGo, you do not need to be concerned with what buyers are looking for in 2022 because we are interested in homes as-is in any condition.

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