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The Hassles of Working with A Real Estate Agent in Rowlett, TX

So, you’ve made the big decision: you’re going to sell your house. It’s a big step and not one you’re taking lightly. You want to get the best value for all of the years of work you’ve put into your home. You don’t want this to be a long, drawn-out process. You just want to get it done. Maybe you think the first step is to call a real estate agency and set up a meeting with an agent. But before you do, think about some of the hassles that come along with hiring an agent to take care of the whole situation.

1) Where Do You Begin?

A quick internet search of the Rowlett area reveals over 800 different agents, agencies, brokers, etc, etc, etc. Where do you begin as far as making the right choice of who to work with? You could ask around among friends and neighbors. You could Google reviews for each and every one of them, but who has that kind of time? Or maybe it just comes down to which agents’ picture online looks the most trustworthy – not a great way to make a huge decision.

2) You Have Other Things to Do

Rather than searching for the best and most trustworthy agent, don’t you have better things to do? Wouldn’t you rather be planning family barbecues, fishing trips to Lake Ray Hibbard, or arts and culture adventures in greater Dallas-Fort Worth?

3) Costs

Why does it always come down to the almighty dollar? Because we need it to live. Let’s say you magically find the perfect agent AND they sell your house in a timely manner. You will still lose 7% of the sale price to your agent which is a hefty portion of what should be profit.1 Feeling overwhelmed yet? You don’t have to. HomeGo is a Texas-based company whose main goal is to help you sell your Rowlett, TX house fast without the hassle and cost of real estate agents. With just a 10-minute, walk-through inspection by one of our local agents, you can receive a cash offer on your home. And in as little as 7 days, you can be free and clear to do whatever you want to do next! Contact us today to learn more about this fast and easy process. You won’t regret it!


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