Sell Your Home in Flower Mound, TX

Think Twice About Building a Brand New House in Flower Mound, TX

For you, it’s the ultimate brick-by-brick fulfillment of the American dream. You’ve excitedly labored over blueprints and argued with the architect. You’ve read every article you can find that features tips for building a new home. You’ve made lists of all of the features that will make this a dream home for your family. You watched the foundation being poured and have haggled with contractors and builders. You’ve taken daily pictures of the progress of the walls being erected and proudly posted it to social media.

Troubles Arise in Paying for Two Homes

For you, the process of buying property and building a home has been everything you dreamed of and more. But then, the harsh realities set in. Contractors and builders need to be paid. Things are running over budget. And, worst of all, your old house has been on the market and simply isn’t selling. You know that Flower Mound is a growing community with industrial opportunities. Your friends and neighbors have steady jobs and live moderately affluent lifestyles. You can’t understand why someone hasn’t snatched up your old house, and suddenly the loans and a second mortgage are starting to take their toll on your bank account.

Your Home-Selling Solution

You need to sell your house in Flower Mound fast. But before you really start to panic, take a deep breath and look into HomeGo. We use local, licensed agents to walk through your home and make you a cash offer. We buy your house as is, and we buy it fast. With our process, you don’t have to wait for buyer financing approval or home inspections1. You just have to accept the offer, and you tell us when you’re ready to move. And this whole process can take as little as 7 days to complete. So, with cash in the bank, you can start to breathe easier. You can pay off those bills and start to construct a timeline of packing up the basement and cleaning out the garage. You can get back to making social media picture montages of the new house construction progress. You can once again secretly enjoy pretending you’re the master builder and host of a popular home-building reality show. HomeGo is the answer to your need for a master plan to sell your house in Flower Mound, TX fast. Contact us today with your questions, and breathe a sigh of relief.


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