Sell Your Home in Keller, TX

It Is Time to Sell Your Keller, TX Home

While owning a home may have once been your ultimate dream, now that you are in it, you are likely seeing that a home can be a costly purchase. While you could hold onto it, hoping you will make all the money back, there are many good reasons why you should plan to sell your house fast in Keller, TX.

Market is Rising

The housing market is in a good place right now for a quick sale of your Keller, TX home. Currently, home prices are increasing at a rate of 3% week over week1, and in the last ten years, home appreciation has amounted to nearly 30%, showing ongoing growth. With the average home selling for nearly $350,000, selling now will give you a good price for your home, and not make it an unaffordable option for buyers in a couple of years as the market continues to grow.

Income is High

Currently, the average income in Keller, TX is just over $100,000, with only 3.4% unemployment2. This means that the people in Keller have the available savings to put towards a home and support mortgage payments. While many residents are in this higher income bracket, they will be ready to purchase a home and invest in a property.

Maintenance is Expensive

Just as much as home prices are rising, so are the costs of keeping a home. Since 2011, Texas has had some of the highest home insurance costs for the past several years, and that is not about to change if housing prices are increasing. Texas homeowners pay insurance premiums that can be as much as 76% above the national average3, which are often worsened by the fact that the state gets severe weather events and that insurance companies have high expenses. The market right now is in the ideal position for you to sell your house fast in Keller, TX. and make money, and with the increasing costs of being a homeowner, it is in your best interest to do so. Don’t let the thought of the stress involved in a sale turn you away. Contact HomeGo to get your property sale underway. We’ll help you make a quick sale of your Keller, TX home, that will bring you in money, hassle-free.


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