Sell Your Home in Glenn Heights, TX

The Time is Right to Sell Your Glenn Heights, TX Home

If the rising costs of home ownership have you considering that it is time to sell your home, good news: it might be the best time to plan to sell your house fast in Glenn Heights, TX. Here’s why:

Lower Than Average Home Prices

The housing prices in Glenn Heights are slightly lower than the average for the rest of Texas. With Glenn Heights average sale price at just over $152 000, and the Texas average around $160 0001, this sets up the ideal conditions, where you will not be taking a big loss as the seller, but potential buyers will see Glenn Heights as a good home buying destination due to homes being more affordable than other parts of the state.

Age is Right

The other good news is that the median age2 in Glenn Heights is 34, meaning that not only will people be interested in buying a home at a cheaper than Texas average price, but they are also at the age where many would be ready to do so. The average income in Glenn Heights is over $60 000, which is enough to support mortgage payments at the current rates and would let current residents successfully buy their home. This combination of age, home price, and income may not last, so if you want to take advantage, you should make plans today to sell your house fast in Glenn Heights, TX.

Cost of Living is Lower

In addition to home prices being lower than average, the cost of living3 is lower as well. Rated out of 100, where 100 is the national average, the average cost of living in Glenn Heights is 95.2. In particular, groceries are cheaper in the city than other areas of the country, as is transportation. These are both important areas that a new homeowner may be concerned with in deciding if a location is suitable. The home cost, living cost, income, and age all line up perfectly to allow many people who are thinking about it, to make a home purchase. With that in mind, you should plan to proceed with a home sale and start saving yourself some money instead of spending it on home loan repayment. HomeGo is here to help you sell your house fast in Glenn Heights, TX, so simply reach out and we will get started on the process!


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