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3 Factors That Support a Fast Home Sale in Kennedale, TX

If you find yourself questioning whether you are still committed to owning your Kennedale, TX home, and whether you are able to afford the property, it may be time for you to consider the benefits of selling. Acting on this now is a great idea, as the factors are all in line to support a profitable sale for you.

Rent is Climbing

For Kennedale residents who are currently renting, the market is not looking good. Rent prices are going up, and in the last three months, have gone up by 13%1. This makes it an expensive housing choice to stick with for a long period of time and opens up the option in which it may be better for renters to put their money into purchasing a home instead. Combine this with the fact that prices for houses have seen a 2% week over week drop in the same three month period, and it starts to look like those who are renting would be interested in your plans to sell your house fast in Kennedale, TX.

Population is Increasing

The city of Kennedale, TX is experiencing strong population growth, having increased by over 88% since 20002. This increase in numbers is also supported by the growing number of jobs in the area, which have shown a 1.1% increase, with positive growth expected to continue. With more people in the city, and an increasing cost of renting, the demand for housing will likely undergo a shift in the next few months, and one that you could definitely benefit from if you are willing to sell your house fast in Kennedale, TX.

Few Homes on the Market

There are currently less than forty homes on the Kennedale housing market2. In a town with a population of just over 7000 people, this is a reasonable number given the breakdown of people within the city: it has a median age of 36, and 68% of the current residents own a home. With this low number however, it does mean that competition for houses can be strong, with people ready to buy, especially given the growth of the population and growth of rental rates as detailed above. Take advantage of these three factors and put your house on the market. It is an ideal time to sell your house fast in Kennedale, TX, and if you reach out to HomeGo, we can handle all of the details and help you out.


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