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Redoing Your Home Before a Move from Irving, Texas

Moving is a hassle. There is no way around that. Your home becomes a world of boxes, labels, and confusion. Odds are, the items you need the most got packed at the very bottom of the pile somehow. But the one thing worse than the move itself is the preparation of the home to sell. During this process, you will have to basically redo your entire home just so a buyer, who will likely redo it all anyway, can be attracted to the sale. There will be a variety of changes to make to your home that you will only be able to enjoy for about a week.

Big Changes

Floor- Too many homebuyers watch all of the television shows that basically decide every single type of carpet that you have in your home is outdated, ugly, or impractical. While many home buyers have the budget to rip the carpet, linoleum, or any other non-preferred flooring out on their own, they are incapable of seeing possibility in the home without you making the change before they even visit. Because of this, your real estate agent will likely request the change before a single potential buyer even sees the home1. Walls- This aspect of the home is much like the floors. Though painting can be an easy fix for a wall color that one might decide is no longer in, buyers will likely be unable to see the potential of a room without the seller painting the room from the beginning. So whether you hire painters, or you do it yourself, you will be looking at a lot of money and time spent to change a room you will not even get to enjoy. Counters- Depending on the style and cost of the home, some people will be unwilling to make a purchase if the bathroom and kitchen counters are not up to a certain standard. This can be a pricey and inconvenient fix, and at times it won’t even raise the home value adequately for the cost and time investment put into the project.

What Choice Do You Have?

There are a lot of renovations that a real estate agent might require you do for your home before you can sell it. Unfortunately, this usually means investing time and money into a home that you won’t even get to enjoy. This is why many people are choosing to seek alternatives to the common norms of real estate. If you need to sell your house fast in Irving, TX, you might seek other options as well. Contact HomeGo today, and see if they are the right option for you.


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