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Signs that Your Realtor Is Not Working in Duncanville, Texas

You found your dream home. You are already looking to buy new furniture and artwork to fill the home. You have big dreams for the outside garden, for the back patio, for the swimming pool and the summer parties you are going to throw for all of your friends, family, and neighbors once you are settled in. There is only one problem: You still have not sold your old home in Duncanville, Texas. Sitting on a house and waiting for it to sell can be a hassle. Not only can you not move forward with the house of your dreams, but you also have to keep your current house spotless for the many showings, staging, and open houses. Has your home been on the market for months without a bite? Believe it or not, your real estate agent might be the problem. Below are two common issues people have with their real estate agents:


Everyone is busy nowadays, and your real estate agent is no exception. When the market is hot, your agent is probably working really hard to keep up with new demand. However, you are busy to, and you do not have time to hunt your real estate agent down every time you have a question. While it is unrealistic to expect a response at the minute you demand it, you should never have to wait more than 24 hours for a response1.


Real estate marketing, and honestly, all marketing, has seen a major shift over the years. There are constantly new innovations and methods to the business and it is important that your real estate agent is not only listing your home, but really marketing it. Unfortunately, many of these agents are not up to date with the new innovations in the field, and their old ways of marketing are falling short in this technology-driven world. It is important that the person or company responsible for marketing your home actually knows and understand the field of marketing. If you are having issues with your real estate agents, whether it be communication issues, marketing, or anything else, maybe consider a different route. While traditionally, the buying and selling or real estate had to go through these means, the field has seen significant change over the years. Maybe this change is a better option for you. Maybe a change will get you out of your old home and into your new dream home in time to decorate, set up, and even throw your dream pool party. You need to sell your Duncanville, TX house fast so call HomeGo today to change your methods!


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