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How Downsizing in Richland Hills, TX Can Be the Right Step for Starting a New Chapter

With so many changes happening on a global scale, many Texans find themselves asking “what’s next?” Maybe you’re ready to make changes in your life on the personal level. Maybe this is the best time to think about getting that undergraduate degree or Master’s you’ve always wanted. Maybe you want to move to a better area with better schools for the kids and more options for culture and recreation for the whole family. These things all cost money, and, while there are a lot of ways to change up the family budget, downsizing your living space might be a great place to start. Here are a few reasons selling your house and moving to a smaller home could give you a jumpstart to making other changes in your life:

Mortgage Insurance

This one seems obvious, but things become crystal clear when you involve a calculator. A smaller home could mean a smaller mortgage payment. Those savings could be just what your bank account needs to start paying for those night classes you want to start working on.


Downsizing can benefit your pocketbook in other ways, too. A smaller living space means less air-conditioning to deal with during hot and humid Richland Hills summers. Less square footage equals lower energy costs to take the edge off chilly evenings December through February1.

Cheaper Maintenance and Repair Costs

As our homes age, the cost of maintenance is sure to increase. Windows need to be replaced. Exteriors need a paint job. Old carpeting and flooring become an issue. And when homes get older, it seems more and more things around the house break with a higher frequency. It can be overwhelming to any homeowner. If any of these things ring true, selling your house fast in Richland Hills, TX may be the right move for you. HomeGo makes it easy and secure. We have a simply 3-step process we call “click, meet and move” that streamlines the long and tedious process you’d have to endure when working with a real estate agent. All you have to do is set up a 10-minute home walk-through with one of our local agents. Then, we make you a cash offer on your house as is. Selling your house fast with us is the perfect way to start making your new dreams happen today!


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