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It’s Time to Sell Your Santa Ana Vacation Home

According to some statistics1, 9.26 million people in the United States report owning a second home. Many undoubtedly use this second home as a vacation home. Family vacation homes can be the backdrop for millions of treasured memories. But in today’s unsteady economic climate, many Americans are finding the need to tighten their financial belts, and selling a second home might be a good place to start. Here are some signs it’s time to sell your vacation house:

1) Location, location, location

Years ago, a vacation home in Santa Ana seemed ideal. You were, after all, just 5 miles from Disneyland and less than 20 miles from Pacific Beaches. To the kids, it was a vacation fantasy come to life, and you treasured the way their faces lit up in anticipation of the time you spent there. But today? Your kids are grown, and their kids are busy most of the year with soccer and spring musical rehearsals. And as for such a prime location? You love Sleeping Beauty and the Seven Dwarves as much as the next person, but the proximity to the land of Disney is now just another factor bringing scores of tourists to the area. They bring with them noise, traffic, and headaches if you have happen to rent that vacation house to unruly visitors to the area.

2) Things Are Heating Up

When you were younger, the hot, semi-arid climate was invigorating for your morning run. Hot, sunny afternoons were the perfect excuse to pack up the kids and head to one of the nearby beaches. Now, the average high of 90 in the shade feels sweltering. Traffic to and from the beaches means a quick trip turns into an all-day affair. And the beaches themselves? Clogged with noisy tourists. Sure, they’re making their own memories with their own kids just like you did. But you just don’t want to deal with it all anymore. Want to sell your vacation house in Santa Ana, CA fast? Visit HomeGo. We have a tried and true philosophy of “click, meet and move.” Click to contact us to give us some basic info on the house, meet with one of our local licensed agents for a 10-minute walk-through, and then move out your stuff on a timeline that you decide. It’s that simple!


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