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Why It is Expensive to Own a Home in Redlands, CA

For many of us, it seems like the bank account is constantly being withdrawn from and having money coming out, instead of having any money go in. This is especially true if you are a homeowner, so it may be worth considering selling your house and saving money on some of these expenses:

Mortgage Insurance

This year, the cost of buying a home in Redlands, CA has gone up by 8%. This means, that when you go to buy a home, you will need to have a higher down payment to meet the minimum requirements, and you will end up using a lot of your savings simply to get a mortgage. In many cases, people are not able to meet these requirements and instead are forced to borrow extra for the down payment, and this creates the need for mortgage insurance1. Added to your monthly mortgage payments, this varies depending on your loan and credit, but can indeed cost you hundreds of extra dollars each month.

Property Tax

Each year, you will need to pay property taxes2. This is a tax placed on you for owning the home and property, and is determined yearly based on the assessed value of your home and property. As the housing prices grow in Redlands, as the trend is showing3, property tax amounts will also go up, because the value of your home will rise in line with the market. This is not good news for being an owner and having to pay these taxes but is good for selling your home at a higher price point than when you bought it.

Home Insurance

The geographical location of Redlands means that homeowners are at a greater risk of damage to their property from things such as hurricanes, wind, and other natural disasters. While many insurance companies4. account for this in their policies, getting full coverage for these events often comes at a high price. If this sounds like a lot of money for you to put out each month, you’re not wrong. Home ownership is expensive, and for many people, it isn’t the way to go. If you are in a home now and considering that you want to lower the amount of money you’re losing each month, consider selling your house fast in Redlands, CA home with HomeGo. We’ll make the process hassle free, and easy, so you can stress less and just start holding on to your money.


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