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Why You Should Sell Your House Fast in Riverside, California

If you are a homeowner with an interest in selling your property, you may not want to delay. You can sell your house fast in Riverside, California and eliminate the headaches, time, and stress that comes with a traditional home sale. Here’s why you should consider selling your home in this area right away.

Home Sales are Slowing Down

For more than five years, Riverside, California has been a true seller’s market with home sales on the rise. However, 2017 saw sales slow down and the trend is continuing. Some experts1 say this is because of the lack of inventory and the high prices make it difficult for buyers to afford the homes in the area. Within the past year in Riverside County, home prices rose 8.7% with the average home in southern California priced at approximately $525,000. This high price tag is out of reach for many home buyers, particularly first-time buyers.

High Insurance Rates

Southern California residents experience little rain and major wildfires2, causing home insurance rates to increase. Additionally, in Riverside, the crime rate is 33% higher than the California average and 40% higher than the national average. These high statistics also impact the higher insurance rates. Unfortunately, statistics show this crime rate is continuing to climb, along with your monthly insurance payments.

Maintenance and Repairs

Homeownership can cost you greatly and put you in a financial bind. These expenses can require thousands of dollars for major repairs and the small purchases can quickly add up. The amount of money spent on maintenance and repairs will vary depending on the condition of your home, but you can expect to pay these expenses regularly along with sacrificing time and energy to complete these projects as well. If you have any interest in selling your Riverside, California home, you don’t need to worry about the stress, money, and inconvenience that comes with a traditional home sale. When choosing HomeGo, you can sell your Riverside, California home on your own terms. You have control of the home-selling process, there are zero commission fees, and no stressful home renovation projects to complete. Whether you simply want to downsize, you are moving for a job offer, financial reasons, or even a divorce, HomeGo is your answer.


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