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Ah, Hollywood…. Residents of Anaheim have certainly seen their share of the influx of tourists and wannabe movie stars who come west each year. It seems like everyone comes here searching for their dreams to come true, whether it’s fantasies about walking the red carpet, taking in the magic of the original Mecca for every Disney fan, or long sunny days surfing with the ‘boys of summer.’ And whether they are here for a week as tourists or here for pilot season in the world of acting, renters are always coming and going around the greater L.A. area. Maybe your dream was to own thriving rental properties in the area, leasing to fresh-faced Hollywood hopefuls looking for an affordable place to lay their heads at night or short-term rentals to families looking for easy-on-the-budget options while visiting the House of Mouse. But oftentimes, being a landlord can wear on one’s nerves, patience, and pocketbook. If that’s the case, HomeGo can be the answer to your prayers. We buy rental houses—along with townhouses, multi-tenant buildings, and condos—from sellers who are ready for a break from the stresses of being a landlord or homeowner.

High Turnover

Millions of tourists make Southern California their vacation destination of choice each year. And while business owners and the local economy love the dollars they bring, unpredictable short-term tenants can be a nightmare for any landlord. Figure in the cost of repairs after rowdy guests vacate your rental, plus the costs of maintaining the rental property, and you’ll start to see a serious dent in your profits.

Unstable Income

In Anaheim, we know just a thing or two about show business. After all, we’re just a half an hour from LA. Thousands of aspiring actors and writers arrive every year with big plans of fame and fortune. Yet Californians know the other side of the coin: not everyone makes it. Tenants with unsteady income and sudden longing for a stable job back East can be a nightmare. Bounced checks, late rent and leasers who pack up in the night to head back home to a reliable corporate job are just a few of the headaches you have the potential to face. If you’re ready to sell, contact HomeGo today. Sell your Anaheim house fast with our three-step process. You can have your cash offer—and freedom—in just 7 days!

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