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3 Reasons to Make a Fast Sale of Your Orange, CA Home

With a positive outlook in the Orange, CA real estate market right now, if you are looking to make some fast money, or simply get rid of your homeowner responsibilities, there is no better time, to sell your home. But act quick, because things may change in a hurry!

Prices are High

The average price of current homes for sale in Orange, CA is $670,000. This is a high value for houses and comes at the end of an 8% year over year increase1. It also comes on an upswing, where prices dropped earlier in the year and are now climbing back up again. With that recent drop still in the rearview, there is no guarantee it won’t happen again soon, making it critical for you to plan to sell your house fast in Orange, CA.

Market is Volatile

Recent news has indicated that investors and real estate analysts are worried about possible “cracks appearing”2. in the southern California housing market, which could impact your Orange, CA home value. Analysts indicate there are increasing signs of a cooling market, and that houses are starting to spend longer on the market than they were just a few months ago.

Foreign Investors are Ready

An increase in cash-in-hand purchases by foreign investors in California suburbs means houses on the market may be moving, but the investor increase is also raising red flags within the real estate industry. With the potential to drive up prices3 and make it more difficult for local residents to buy housing, regulations may come into effect which stall foreign access and change the entire housing market. Better to sell your house fast in Orange, CA and get out before any of that happens! With prices high, and investors ready to move in on your property, it’s time to take advantage. Contact HomeGo. today to arrange to sell your house fast in Orange, CA. When you work with the professionals, you don’t have to worry about how long your house sits on the market, you can just call us up, we’ll give you an offer and your money, and then you can walk away and leave the rest to us.


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