Sell Your Home in Altadena, CA

Why it’s Time to Sell Your Altadena, CA Home

If you have been thinking it is time to save some money and sell your Altadena, CA home, you have picked the best time. Here’s why you need to make a move now and sell your property:

Home Prices are Up

The great news for you is that if you sell now, you will get a great price for your home, with the average listing coming in at $824 0001. The prime location of Altadena relative to the popular Cedar Springs, Mt. Antonio, and Mt. Baldy vacation and outdoors destinations, makes this area a very desirablefor those people looking to live close to the mountains and nature, but want to have the amenities of a city. You will have no shortage of interest if you act now and make plans to sell your house fast in Altadena, CA.

Living Costs are High

Despite the fact that your home value may continue to rise if you keep it for a few more years, so too will your cost of living. Currently, it is almost 92% more expensive3 to live in Altadena, compared to the rest of the United States, and with home prices expected to continue to go up, so too will these costs. As a homeowner, you cannot continue to afford to pay higher rates on utilities and property taxes for an ongoing amount of time in hopes that you will get it all back in a few years.

Income and Unemployment

With higher living costs, and higher property taxes on your home and due to rising home prices, you need to be guaranteed to be able to pay for these ever-increasing costs. With unemployment nearly passing the national average and median income4 sitting below $84 000, this is not something you can be sure of. You do not want to put yourself in the position where you become unemployed or without a job in the middle of home costs continuing to rise, whereby you can’t afford to continue to own your house. Get out now before you get in trouble and have to take a loss. Get ready to start saving your hard earned money and stop having to put it towards expensive home ownership costs. Reach out to HomeGo today and we will take care of everything to help you sell your house fast in Altadena, CA.


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