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Your Local HomeGo Office In Los Angeles

Are you having trouble selling your home in Los Angeles? Whether it is your family’s home, a rental investment that you are tired of maintaining, or a home you inherited from a deceased family member, HomeGo’s Los Angeles branch would be happy to get it off your hands.

HomeGo purchases single-family homes of every age and condition all over Los Angeles. We love the neglected 1950’s homes with unique details and qualities that cause most modern buyers to turn their heads. The average purchase price in this area is $670,000. HomeGo is willing to purchase these properties so the owners are free of this mortgage to either purchase a new home or use the money elsewhere.

Located in the beautiful North East Los Angeles (NELA) region just off the 134 Freeway on Colorado Blvd., HomeGo is the second most active single-family home buyer in Los Angeles County. We service all markets in Los Angeles, however, we have a focus on the NELA region, particularly, the communities of Eagle rock, Glassel Park, Highland Park, Mount Washington, Cypress Park, Montecito Heights, and Atwater Village.

HomeGo Los Angeles has helped hundreds of California sellers to get unwanted homes off their hands by purchasing these properties and closing escrow in the sellers’ desired timeline. Unlike the ways of traditional real estate, HomeGo is flexible and willing to work with sellers in the process based on their unique needs and timing. HomeGo allows sellers to leave unwanted personal property at the house for us to dispose of to help save time and provide convenience to busy sellers, particularly for out of state sellers. In addition, unlike much of the competition in the real estate market, HomeGo is willing to purchase and handle any property currently occupied by an uncooperative tenant. Our professionals are trained to appropriately and firmly handle the eviction of these uncooperative tenants, saving the sellers a significant amount of stress and frustration in an already uncomfortable situation.

HomeGo Los Angeles is committed to simplifying the entire process. If you choose to work with us, we will cut out all of the extra players in the real estate game and make the transactions intimate between the seller and our experienced team of experts. We will work with you through discussion and negotiations until we come up with a deal and price that everyone involved feels comfortable agreeing to. Unlike traditional real estate firms, we are not a group of slick salesmen out to trick or manipulate. We are simply a group of professionals that want to purchase the homes that sellers want to get off their hands, and we want to do it in the fairest way possible.

Not only does HomeGo pour into the housing economy of the community by purchasing unwanted properties and transforming them for the good of the neighborhood, but the company is also committed to working with local charities in the area. HomeGo Los Angeles pours back into the community by helping those less fortunate through our time, dedication, and financial support of local charities such as Habitat for Humanity and Ronald McDonald House.

HomeGo Los Angeles has helped hundreds of people in the Los Angeles community get out from under their burdensome home and mortgage payments without the fees and hassles involved in traditional real estate. Our customers rave about the service they receive through our business model and our team of professionals.

Join the ever-growing list of satisfied customers. If you are ready to get out from under an unwanted housing cost, contact us today to start the hassle-free process. We are committed to helping the economic growth of Los Angeles community, and we are committed to helping you. If this sounds like a good match for you, give us a call today, or feel free to stop by the office.

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