Sell Your Home in Pearland, TX

It’s a Great Time to Enjoy City Life by Selling Your Home in Pearland, TX

There’s never been a better time to sell your Pearland home and move into the city! Residents of the neighborhoods surrounding Houston are finding many reasons to quickly sell their homes and experience the excitement of living in downtown. Here is a list of reasons to think about what this might mean for you:

Everybody’s Doing It

As recently as 2016, studies estimate that 41% of people in the greater Houston area had become renters1. In fact, the homeownership rate in the city is significantly lower than the national average of 63.1% 2 . Just imagine the freedom of not having a monthly mortgage hanging over your head for the next 25 years!

No More Commutes

Tired of traffic jams on 288? Weary of high tolls on the Texas State Beltway? Renting in the city can save you the headaches of a long daily commute and save you cash.

Affordable Housing

Speaking of saving cash, Houston seems to be a great place to find affordable housing. In fact, costs in “H-Town” are 8% cheaper than living in city like Chicago and 13% cheaper than living in another Texas city like Austin.3

Plenty of Jobs

The reports are in – Houston has been ranked as the country’s number 1 job creator. In fact, the city is home to a whopping 26 Fortune 500 companies.4 Whether you’re ready to find the perfect apartment within “the Loop” or find the best townhouse close to the Galleria, the next step has to be selling your current home and doing it fast before all of these opportunities are gone! Seem impossible? Not with HomeGo! We make it possible to sell your Pearland, TX house fast, hassle-free, and without all the fees that typically go along with bringing a real estate agent into the mix. The process is as simple as it sounds. All you have to do is connect with us and then schedule a ten-minute, in-person walk-through with one of our licensed Pearland area agents. Then, we make you an offer…in cash. Within a week, you can close on your home sale without needing to worry about agent commissions and closing costs. Plus, we buy your home as is. That means you save money on repairs and little things sellers usually have to do to up the value of their home in a buyer’s market.


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