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Why it is Expensive to Hold on to Your Alvin, TX Home

When you own a home, there is more than just a monthly mortgage payment to think about. Think about some of these other reasons why it may seem like it is getting expensive to own your home:


Many people do not realize when they purchase a home that an ongoing cost is home maintenance and upkeep. Home prices in Alvin have increased by 20% in the last ten years1, and servicing and maintaining homes is more expensive, and you also may find the professionals who you hire are also charging more because of the higher home rates. Tasks such as checking your roof and cleaning out your gutters, hiring a landscaper, or having a professional window washing done are all important chores to be aware of that will be ongoing for the duration of your home ownership.


Unfortunately the crime rates in Alvin are high, with it sitting as safer than only 15% of other American cities2. Many of these are crimes of theft and burglary, which are a costly thing to fix for homeowners who find themselves with stolen property or home repairs to undertake due to smashed windows or destroyed property. The risk to your home and your safety make it expensive to be in Alvin and are a good reason to consider why you should sell your house fast in Alvin, TX.


The higher than average rate of unemployment rate3 in Alvin makes it an ongoing risk for some people to have a home. Some people are in a position where they have lost their job already and are trying to cover the cost of living, while still maintaining their mortgage payments, home insurance costs, and property taxes, while others are at risk of possibly losing their job because Alvin has a high percentage of office and administrative employees, and if businesses aren’t doing well, these positions are quickly cut.


When jobs may be at risk, this is not good news for making home loan repayments, nor is it good for supporting Alvin’s high utility costs4. The utilities index cost in Alvin sits at 111, compared to the national standard of 100. If you see the expenses of owning a home simply adding up and amounting to too much for you to handle, contact HomeGo. and let us look after helping you sell your house fast in Alvin, TX.


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