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Why You Don’t Need a Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Dickinson, TX Home

If you are looking to sell your home fast in Dickinson, TX, you may have assumed going through a real estate agent would be the best solution. When it comes to making things happen fast, an agent can bog you down more than help things move along fast, and they are just an added expense you shouldn’t need to pay.

You Can Sell Online

Real estate agents were a must when home sales happened out of a catalogue, at a real estate office, or in person. Today, many home sales happen online or through email, and no person to person contact is needed. This is especially important when you are looking to make a quick sale, and are not planning to offer a big open house schedule or arrange for regular showings of your home.

Adds Stress

Many people find that working with a real estate agent can be more harmful than helpful at getting rid of stress. There are tasks and requirements that the agent needs that can take up a lot of homeowners time, and there is the extra need of having to pay commission1. to the agent. This can be a big burden on already cash-strapped owners who are looking to make a quick sale to be able to make money.

Doesn’t Fit the Demographics

Over 60% of the people in Dickinson are below the age of 40, and many fall within the millennial age group2. These people are good at using internet and technology and are far more interested in doing their home browsing online than making arrangements to visit a real estate office or to contact an agent to help them. If you want to target the prime market that would be thinking about buying your home, a real estate agent is not the route to go. Adding a real estate agent to the mix when it comes to selling your home is just an extra piece that isn’t needed. Save yourself the stress and money, and choose not to work with a real estate agent. Instead, contact HomeGo. to learn about how you can make a hassle-free, fast sale of your Dickinson, TX home, and not have to worry about an agent at all.


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