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Benefits of Not Using a Real Estate Agent in Humble, Texas

Anyone who has sold a home in the past ten years is probably well aware of the troubles with real estate agents. These relationships of the seller and real estate can often get awkward if a seller does not feel the agent is efficiently doing the job. By the same token, the real estate agent may have demands for the home that they feel the seller is not willing to meet half-way on. No matter the situation, many people are seeking ways to cut the real estate agent out of the home transaction altogether. If you are looking to do this with your own transaction, you will likely recognize some of these benefits along the way.

The Advantages of Skipping the Agent

No Percentage of Commission- When a real estate agent is a part of the sale, they get a pretty solid percentage of the sale itself1. This means that you will have to pay your real estate agent a commission percentage based on the final number your house sold for. This might mean that thousands of dollars from your sale will go to the real estate agent. When you cut this person out of the equation, you will be able to save a significant amount of money. More Control of the Sale- When you hire a real estate agent, you are essentially giving them full control of your sale. This sale will likely determine a lot for you. It can determine timeline to move and get into a new home. It can determine how much you can spend on the new home and how much you can spend on extras for it. While a real estate agent will consult with you on the sale they are in actual control of the sell, the negotiations, and the timing. If you don’t wholeheartedly trust your real estate agent, you could end up getting significantly less than you deserve for the sale. Your Own Schedule- One of the most frustrating aspects of making your house sell through a real estate agent is the timing of everything. Showings, meetings, renovations will all be on your real estate agent’s schedule and this can often conflict with your schedule. By removing the real estate agent from the model you might find much more flexibility in the schedule.

Try a New Approach

If you think that selling your home without the use of a real estate agent may be the best option for you, then look into alternative methods to traditional real estate. It is time that you sell your house fast in Humble, TX, contact HomeGo today.


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