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Why It May Be Time to Sell Your Woodlands, TX Home

Some people seem to be built for life in a planned community. In fact, for many, The Woodlands of Texas offers year-round perks like groomed parks, community recreation, and safe neighborhoods. But if following community rules is causing your rebel heart to wilt a bit, or if life in the Lonestar state simply isn’t for you, maybe it’s time to think about selling your Woodlands home and moving on. Here are some hassles you won’t have to worry about anymore:

1) Bad Weather

Texas weather isn’t for the faint of heart. The 2000’s have brought with them record droughts and hurricanes alike in an already humid subtropical climate. And a quick internet search reveals destructive weather and tropical storms arriving in the area even sooner than expected this year. Do you hate worrying about how much damage the next storm of the season is sure to bring? Is a more temperate climate in the Midwest or drier Southwest weather better suited for you?

2) The Commute

Maybe you love Texas and the thriving downtown areas of Houston. Perhaps you’re weary of riding the Woodland Express to and from work every day. It might be good to think about what living in the city itself might be like. And, economically speaking, it’s a great time to consider it! Home ownership rates in the city are much lower than the national average,1 and “H-Town” has been ranked as the number one job creator in the U.S.2

3) Community Rules

If you’re a self-proclaimed “rebel without a cause” or just tired of consulting the homeowners’ association handbook every day, life in a planned community may not be for you anymore. From having to fill out paperwork for removing trees from your property to making sure your trash cans are out of sight upon penalty of fines to even limits on how many pets you can have, community rules are designed to keep things in the neighborhood clipping along smoothly. But free-spirited individuals often find themselves longing for more options beyond the HOA standards. If you’re ready to sell your Woodlands home, HomeGo can help. It easy, and we offer cash. Sell your Woodlands, TX house fast by contacting us today!


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