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High Costs for Homeowners in Littleton, CO

Colorado is a dream location for outdoor enthusiasts and adventure-loving types. Sunny summers of hiking in the mountains and winters full of skiing and snowshoeing can serve as a magical backdrop for living out your dream of a life.

The Price of Paradise

Littleton homeowners, though, can pay a steep price for life at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. Littleton, as part of the Denver-Aurora metro area, gets an average of 80 inches of snowfall every year, dwarfing the U.S. average of 26 inches. And while we’re enjoying ‘sunshine on our shoulders’ and summer ‘Rocky Mountain highs’ right now, winter, as they say, is coming. The average American homeowner spends anywhere from 1% to 4% of the home’s value on annual repairs and maintenance, and that includes more moderate areas of the country1. In Colorado where the snowfall seems endless? You can expect to pay more. Winter weather can have a devastating effect on your landscaping, too. Heavy, accumulated snow can damage or even destroy things like trees and shrubbery2. Snowplows and shovels can wreak havoc on lawns and flowerbeds, furthering your yearly winter home repair costs. Winter moisture around improperly sealed windows and doors can cause mold and mildew. Replacing those windows and doors can cost thousands of dollars, not to mention the effects these allergens can have on your health. Don’t forget about the pipes! Frozen pipes can burst, leading to damage that could include flooding. And the worst part? The average insurance claim for burst pipes and water damage is $15,000!3

Your Perfect Solution

The good news? These issues and the other host of problems homeowners in Colorado face don’t have to be your issues. Sell your house in Littleton, CO fast this summer with HomeGo! All you have to do is contact us with some info about your home, schedule a 10-minute walk-through with one of our licensed agents, and then wait for our cash offer. In fact, we take the stress of home ownership away in a little as 7 days! You might be thinking, “What’s the catch?” No catch. No gimmicks. No fees. Just a quick sale and freedom from your homeowner worries and troubles. What could be better than that? Get in touch with us today for more information. We buy homes as is which means those budget dollars can be spent elsewhere.


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