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3 Reasons It’s a Good Time to Sell Your Englewood, CO Property

If you have been thinking it is time to get rid of your property and its responsibilities, now is a great time to sell your house fast in Englewood, CO. Here’s why:

Prices are High

Since the beginning of 2018, housing prices in Englewood have gone up. The data shows a 10% increase1. in year over year average prices, coming up from a record low last October. If you bought your home last year when prices were low, you are sitting on a house worth a lot more than you paid for it, and it is a great time to sell it and make some money. If you have owned your house for a while, you have still benefited from the big price increase in the last few months, so it’s best to get out now before things drop and you start losing money.

Housing is Affordable

Even though prices of houses have gone up over the last several months, this has not put them out of reach of most of the residents of Englewood2.. The average income in Englewood is just over $47 000, making it reasonable to be able to get the savings for a down payment on a home within a few years. A good income like this will also be enough to let potential buyers qualify for a mortgage, making the dream of a home more of a reality and a very appealing possibility for many people facing today’s market.

Crime is High

From a homeowner’s point of view, Englewood is not a good place to own a house if you are worried about crime, or have valuables on your property which would make you a prime target for theft or burglary. In particular, property crime is at 34%, higher than the national average of 27%. Selling your home and moving to an area with a lower crime rate may be a better choice, especially while home prices are good for the seller. While these are all good things when it comes to selling a home, if you don’t act soon, they might not stay the same. It’s time to take action on a quick sale of your Englewood, CO home, and allow you to be free of your property to save on homeownership expenses and make some money in the process. If you are ready to get started, reach out to HomeGo4. to make your appointment.

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