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The Top Signs Your Commerce City, CO House is a ‘Money Pit’

In 1986, Tom Hanks and Shelley Long brought every homebuyer’s worst nightmare to life on the big screen. The Money Pit told the story of a young couple who purchase a charming “fixer-upper,” only to have everything fall apart immediately after they’ve taken ownership. While today’s home buyers have Google reviews and other research options on their side, often a home can turn into exactly what the 80’s movie portrayed. Here are the top warning signs your Commerce City home is a money pit:

1) It Needs Paint

How often you paint your home, both inside and out is up to you. But it’s important to think about how Colorado winters and summer sunshine can affect the normal wear and tear of your home’s exterior. If it needs a new coat of paint, keep your wallet handy: some estimates put the average cost of painting a home between 500 to 1,500 square feet at about $1,000 to $3,000!1 An inside paint job is a little better, ranging from $900 to $2,700,2 but when a figure like $900 is the good news, you know you’re in trouble.

2) It Needs New Heating and Cooling

We all know that Colorado weather can vary, from raging blizzards to blistering heat. Residents know that furnaces and air conditioning units are key to being comfortable all year round. But when they go out? Not only do you and your family get physically uncomfortable, but things are about to get financially tight as well. The replacement of just one part of your furnace (the heat exchanger) can be anywhere from $2,000 to $3,000, including parts and labor.3 A new AC unit can cost you up to $5,000 in the Denver area. But never fear, HomeGo is here to help. We can help you be free of that money pit by buying your house with our easy, three-step process of click, meet, and move. You decide when a local licensed agent will do a quick 10-minute walk-through. We offer cash, and then you choose when you make the move. We have happy clients all over the country who have counted on us to dig out of the rising costs of home ownership, and we want to do that for you, too! Sell you Commerce City, CO house fast with us today!


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