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In the early 2000’s, country music sensation The Dixie Chicks sang an ode to freedom and self-acceptance with their hit “Wide Open Spaces.” A drive across the western U.S. landscape reveals that the concept is still idealized. But change is always on the horizon, and the demand for more and more consumer goods and services means rezoning and development, making those wide open spaces fewer and far in between. Since the 1980’s, Westminster, Colorado, earmarks tax dollars to purchase and preserve open spaces. The spaces being left untouched provides resident and visitor access to breathtaking views and preserves important wildlife corridors, all the while leaving room for a fast-paced and thriving business community1. Today the downtown is growing. For the past ten years, the city of Westminster Economic Development Authority has begun to gather vacant lots, and big plans are in the works for the heart of the community2. What does this mean for you? Well, it depends. Your reaction could vary.

1) You’re excited

New business opportunities mean community and economic growth. New business brings new jobs to the area. Cities which offer scenic vistas and wildlife along with fine dining and lodging nearby attract tourist dollars. Your home or rental property could increase in value as the city’s economy grows and improves. With all the excitement in the air, this could be the right time to sell your property and use that money to invest in other ventures that are popping up.

2) You’re Less Than Thrilled

On the other hand, while you’re pleased with the new opportunities growth and development will bring to the area, you are at heart still a lover of those wide, open spaces. The thought of more people and more traffic causes your free-spirited heart to bleed a little bit. If that’s the case, you may want to sell your house in Westminster fast and head for the hills…or at least a less-developed or noisy neighborhood. Either way, HomeGo can help sell your Westminster, CO house fast. We buy houses, condos, multi-tenant buildings, and townhouses, and we buy them just the way they are. You can’t go wrong with our hassle-free, 3-step process of “click, meet, and move.” Our licensed local agents will ensure that you are singing a different tune as you take your cash offer all the way to the bank.,TrailsOpenSpace/OpenSpaceTrails

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