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Why Move in the Summer in Centennial, Colorado

Isn’t it funny how houses all over town start getting for sale signs in their yard around March? This is because it is universal knowledge that the housing market is much hotter in warmer months. Unfortunately, this means the competition also becomes much more fierce in these warmer months. Every house is on the market now competing with the home you are wanting to sell. If you listed your home in Centennial, Colorado, it is important that you sell it fast while the summer months are still here for various reasons1:

It Looks Better

Let’s be honest, everyone is much more impressed by the house with the green lawn and blooming flowers as opposed to the same house just months later with a brown lawn and dead bushes. Houses simply look better in the summer. The fresh plants and bright sun work miracles on the home’s appearance, and it is much more likely that the house will sell to a deserving family and fast.

Easier to Move

If you have ever tried to move in the harsh winter months, you will understand how hard it is to move box after box through feet of snow and negative temperatures. As hot as summer can get, it is almost always a better option than moving in cold months.

Get to Know Neighbors

Neighborhoods tend to be a lot more active in the warm summer months. If you move in the middle of winter, it might take months before you can start meeting and getting to know your neighbors. During the summer months, neighborhoods tend to have a surplus of activities. From neighborhood picnics to pick up games of baseball, the summer days will provide opportunities for both you and your kids to get to know the new neighbors before the cold months force everyone back inside. Obviously, there are multiple reasons that all of those for sale signs popped up in your neighbors’ yards as soon as the snow melted. Summer is just an easier time to sell a house as well as by a house. Unfortunately, traditional real estate does not always work conveniently with the season the way you might prefer. Even if you list your house in the summer it might not sell until the winter, forcing you to look for a house and move in the bitter cold. If you want to sell your house fast in Centennial, CO you might consider alternative methods to the traditional real estate game. Contact HomeGo today to sell your house while the season is right.


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