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Phoenix and its surrounding communities are desirable places to live, with a vibrant and active real estate market. Metro area home prices can vary dramatically from one area to another, however. Even though the past couple of years have been record-setting in terms of sales price and volume, some homes, particularly those that require updates and repairs, do not sell quickly.

HomeGo helps owners of homes that need a little something extra. If you must move quickly because of financial considerations, if you’re facing foreclosure, or if you have health issues or family problems that necessitate a move, our unique offer of cash and quick closings can be your answer. 

A national company, HomeGo has built a reputation on quick response, professional service, and fair dealings with clients. Here’s how it works. When you schedule an appointment by contacting ​a ​HomeGo agent, we will meet you at your property, accompany you on a quick home tour and present you with an offer. It’s that simple.

At that point, it’s your decision whether to accept the offer or not, but if you have further questions or would like to discuss details of timing and closing, we will work with you to accommodate your needs. If you need additional time to consider, that all right, too.

With a staff of licensed real estate agents, we are dedicated to professional service and reputable dealings, but we do business in a very different way. First, we buy all homes for cash with, using gout own money. There is never a wait for financing approval or a delayed closing due to unexpected circumstances. We can close quickly, sometimes within just a few days if necessary. However, we cater to seller needs, and we will work out a timetable that is agreeable, even if you wish to remain in the home for an extended period of time.

Because we are a nationwide company with deep resources, we acquire homes in all conditions, from those that require minimal updates or repairs to houses in need of extensive renovation. The price we offer reflects the condition and the required work that must be performed, but we never request cash from the seller, nor do we charge a real estate commission

We believe that our unique value proposition is transforming the market, offering sellers a hassle-free option to the traditional.  We know that our distinctive policies also set us apart from other cash buyers, and we invite you to compare. We are rapidly expanding to serve the needs of sellers in cities all across the country.

If you’re an absentee landlord or if you’ve recently inherited a property in Phoenix but live elsewhere, our auxiliary services can be ideal to help you with your needs.

Interested in finding out more about HomeGo? Simply contact us by phone or email or stop by our office for additional information. And, when you’re ready to sell, just call us to schedule a walk through at your property. We’ll be waiting.

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