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5 Ways to Add a Finishing Touch to Your Home Staging


Staging your home to sell can be the element that clinches the sale. If you’ve done all of the home staging work thus far, your home is in good shape and will look better than most of the competition. However, if you really want to move the house quickly and maximize your selling price, then follow these 5 ways to add a finishing touch to your home staging

Use Matching Wooden Hangers in the Closets

Closets look best when they are streamlined, with only the items that need to be stored hanging on the racks. One thing that can detract from this tidy appearance is mismatched hangers. If your closet has wire hangers from the dry cleaner, plastic hangers in a range of colors, and a few wooden hangers, it will look messy. Pick up wooden hangers and swap out the mismatched hangers for nice wooden ones. It’s a simple step that just makes everything look so much better. 

Set up the Dining Room with Nice Dishes 

After you’ve staged the basics, go through your home and perform those extra touches that really set your house apart. Once the dining room furniture is in place, take out some nice placemats and napkins, then set up the table for a dinner party. Nice dishes, utensils, and a vase with some flowers or a bowl of fruit will really set the mood for the room. If you’ve got a kitchen table, repeat the staging process in your breakfast nook. 

Make Over the Bed with Inviting Linens 

You’ve created a gender-neutral palette for bedrooms and baths, but have you really made your bedroom look as inviting as possible? Use throw pillows, cozy blankets, and inviting linens to make the bed look plush and welcoming. For many home shoppers, bedrooms will be a main focal point. This extra attention will help them fall in love with the space, light, and ambience in this all-important room, which will further expand their emotional connection to the property. 

Create a TV Slideshow or Video 

For home buyers, part of imagining themselves in the home is seeing their family in the home through all seasons. Since they are coming to your home at a particular moment in time, it may be difficult to imagine hosting a summer barbecue or planting a garden in the spring. 

One simple yet effective way to do this is through a video or TV slideshow that shows off your house through all seasons. Look for photos of your home and yard that show the property. Avoid picking photos of people, since this will jar viewers out of the process of imagining themselves in the home. 

After you curate your slideshow or shoot a video, put it on the television in the living room. The slideshow can play in the background while people are touring your home. 

Offer Refreshments

The kitchen is a natural gathering place in any home. Make your kitchen look inviting (and make buyers want to stay a while) by offering refreshments to guests. Be inspired by the seasons. If you are showing your home in autumn, a mulled apple cider will not only make the house smell great, it will be comforting. Come summertime, infused water or iced tea is a refreshing choice. 

Limit food to simple items that aren’t messy. The last thing you want to do is clean up the home after a showing because someone dropped salsa on the carpet. 

These extra touches can inspire people to imagine themselves in the home. Once they start to see their family living in the house, they open themselves up to an emotional connection to the property that can lead them to take action by putting in an offer. 

It’s no secret that staging your home to sell is a laundry list of things that can leave your overwhelmed and frustrated. If taking on extra touches makes your cringe, you are not alone. Many homeowners turn to HomeGo to sell their house the easy way.  We offer a simple, fast, and clear process that brings transparency to the home selling process. Check out how it works to learn more

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