Sell Your Home in Kansas City

Sell Your Home in Kansas City, KS

On the Kansas side of the Kansas City metro area, lower home prices and a more suburban feel is the norm. People who live in Kansas City, Kansas are able to enjoy the big city amenities of the metro area, without actually living in downtown. This is a big draw for many who call Kansas City, KS home. If you are a homeowner who is enjoying living on the Kansas side of the state line, but who has realized that it’s time to sell your home to move to a different one that better suits your needs, you are probably wondering when you should your home sale. Here’s a closer look at how to choose the right time to sell a home in Kansas City, Kansas.

The Kansas City, KS Real Estate Market

Timing the sale of your Kansas City, Kansas home has less to do with the time of the year and more to do with the activity in the housing market. While spring is often a good time to sell a home, as this is when buyers are interested in starting the home shopping process, and winter tends to have a slower market, this is not always the truth. A better way to evaluate the situation is to look at the overall housing market and its trends.

Kansas City, Kansas, currently has what experts call a “hot” market. This means housing prices are fair, with increases expected, and buyers are plentiful. Homes tend to sell quickly in this type of a market, which also tends to favor sellers.

In Kansas City, Kansas, tight inventories mean that homes have high demand. In 2019, foretasted total home sales are expected to fall slightly by 0.4 percent due to the lower inventory. However, this inventory decrease will lead to higher home prices, with many expecting prices to rise 8 percent in 2019 because of this competition factor. New home construction is expected to fall by about 4 percent in 2019.

Over the past year, average home values in Kansas City, Kansas increased 14.2 percent, with a current average home value of $102,400. Homes currently listed have an average list price of $118,650. Over the coming year, experts expect to see nearly 10 percent increase in home values as the market continues to hold steady. Homes are staying on the market for around 76 days.

So what does all of this mean for home sellers? In general, it means that now could be a good time to sell, but markets are fickle. These trends can always change, particularity if a sudden influx of homes for sale hit the market and drive up the inventory. It’s always best to keep tabs on what the market is currently doing when trying to time a home sale.

Sell Your Kansas City, KS Home Fast

The Kansas City, Kansas housing market is hot, but that does not mean selling your home is going to be easy. There is quite a bit of work that goes in to selling a home, including the prep work, negotiations, and more. To avoid the hassle and sell your home quickly, consider selling with HomeGo. Learn more about how you can sell your home through HomeGo today, and take advantage of the good market in Kansas City, Kansas.

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