How to Prepare for Spring Floods

How to Prepare for Spring Floods


Lightning, hail, and flash floods are a defining factor of spring storms. Unfortunately, our cars and houses experience widespread damage from these occurrences. Flash flood damage is among the most common property-destroyers in the spring season and is a reason most homeowners struggle to sell their flood-damaged home. 

No one wants to pay for expensive flood damage repairs. Take these preventive measures and save yourself some time and trouble. 

6 Tips to Prevent Your House From Flooding

 1. Immediately fix leaks.

A leaky roof or cracked foundation are invitations for water. If water gets in your home, it not only can wreak havoc on the structure but will create the atmosphere for mold to grow. If you have wet spots on your ceiling, or cracks in your foundation, repair the area immediately. Keeping up with maintenance will be your greatest strategy to prevent flooding in your house.

2. Routinely clear gutters and drains.

Drains and gutters are strategically designed to carry water away from at-risk areas. Keeping these areas clear of leaves, trash, or debris will prevent a buildup as water flows through. This simple task will prevent water from collecting in crucial areas such as your yard or basement.

clean gutters to prepare for spring floods

3. Stay on top of the sewer situation.

If you are not one to DIY,  enlist the help of a plumber to install check valves for the sewer or septic line. These special valves force the flow of waste in one direction to prevent backups.

4. Extra roof protection is as effective as it sounds.

Even though it will set you back an extra few hundred dollars or so, upgrading the protection of your roof will do wonders to prevent flood damage in your home. The installation of a rubber roof underlay will serve as a waterproof barrier under the shingles and will protect against water sneaking through the roof.

 5. Install French drains.

Homes that are on a hill or a slope often have trouble with floods, so we suggest installing a “French drain”. These types of drains are essentially trenches with gravel and contain a pipe to redirect surface water. French drains are a valuable ally against groundwater penetrating or damaging building foundations. They effectively prevent rainwater from collecting in the most inconvenient of places.

6. Invest in a sump pump.

If you find yourself ankle-deep in a rainwater-filled living room, sump pumps are a great tool to pump floodwater out of your home. 

Is the electricity out? No matter. A battery-powered sump pump can effectively remove water without electricity.

Does your house have flood damage?

Mother Nature is not a force to be trifled with but sometimes there is nothing we can do to prevent flood damage to our homes. In fact, 20 percent of flood claims come from areas with a low flood risk where homeowners don’t even suspect they are vulnerable.

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