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Reasons to Ditch Your Real Estate Agent in Mansfield, Texas

Many people develop close relationships with their real estate agent. Others have these relationships before they even hire their real estate agent. Some people hire their neighbor, family member, or friend to sell their house for them. When this business relationship works out it is perfect. It is a win, win situation. Unfortunately, this is not always how it works out. When you are ready to move, you need to sell your house in Mansfield, Texas fast. Sometimes this means ditching your real estate agent and looking to modern methods.

Reasons to Avoid Real Estate Agents

Bad Marketing- A real estate agent is first and foremost a salesperson. With this is mind, they should be held to the highest standard as a marketer. If you real estate agent is not marketing your home on all possible avenues in order to get as much exposure as possible, they are not performing in a way that will best benefit you. If you feel your home is not being well marketed, you should probably look for new options1. No Showings- If it has been weeks since your last showing, you might be able to assume that your real estate agent is not doing an adequate time. As the client, your home should be a priority. They should be scheduling as many showings as possible in order to generate exposure. If this is not the case then you can assume your home is not being given the adequate amount of marketing time. Bad Responses from Showings- When showing is scheduled it is the real estate agent’s responsibility to generate positive reviews. As the salesperson, they should guide people in the right direction of their real estate purchase and encourage all of the positive attributes of the home. If the home is getting poor responses after showings then it is likely not being sold in a very engaging fashion. Lack of Communication- As the client, you should never have to hunt your real estate agent down. You should have updates daily about the home and any interest in it. If you feel out of the loop when it comes to the sale of your own home, you might consider ditching your current real estate agent. A real estate agent is not always the best shot. If your home is not selling with this traditional method, maybe it is time to ditch your real estate agent and try something new. Contact HomeGo today and sell your house fast in Mansfield, TX.


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