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Stormy Home Ownership in Euless, TX

Whoever said “Don’t mess with Texas!” was almost certainly talking about its storms. Spring and summer weather can bring Euless and the Greater Dallas-Fort Worth area a particularly destructive form of storms: tornadoes. Over the years, the great state of Texas has suffered from billions of dollars worth of damage at the hand of powerful tornadoes. Euless alone has endured 249 different tornadoes since the 1950’s1 making it a hotbed for destructive natural forces. With those natural disasters comes costly home repairs and rebuilds that could fall on the homeowner’s shoulders. Depending on where you live, your insurance may not even cover the price of repairing your home after tornados strike! If these facts worry you, you’re not alone. Here are some thought-provoking reasons it may be time to sell your Euless home:

1) Tornadoes

Aside from all of the expensive repairs mentioned above, think of what the increase in U.S. tornado activity over the past few years will do to insurance rates for policies that do cover damage from the storms. Unless you happen to know the Wizard of Oz, no amount of red-heel-clicking can bring you back from the unpleasant discovery of homeowners insurance costs skyrocketing.

2) Hail

Euless has a humid subtropical climate, which means all different kinds of nasty weather can strike throughout the year. A recent storm in the area, for example, dropped baseball size hail, causing home and vehicle owners an estimated $425 million in damages.2

3) Wind and Rain

Aside from tornadoes, high winds can be damaging to the area as well. Add in torrential rain, and, as we’ve seen in recent years, the effects can be devastating. Dangerous and costly flooding can be a result, and high winds can quickly spread deadly wildfires, putting thousands in harm’s way. Whether rain, hail, or tornadoes have you thinking about leaving the Lonestar state or just simply kissing the headaches of home ownership here goodbye, HomeGo can whisk your worries away by allowing you to sell your Euless, TX home fast. You’ll be amazed at our easy, 3-step process for making it happen, and you’ll be comforted by our cash offer and quick turnaround and closing timeline. Don’t let Texas weather mess with your stress levels any more than it has to. Visit HomeGo today!


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