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About to Be an Empty Nester? Maybe a Quick Crowley, TX Home Sale is Right for You!

We’ve seen it in countless TV shows and movies: the dreaded “empty nest syndrome” the psychologists warn us about. Where did the years go? Just yesterday they were in diapers and riding bikes in front of the house, and now they’re going off to college? Empty nest syndrome can be a difficult transition for American families, even if their child is going to one of the colleges nearby. If you know you’re ready to sell the family home and begin the next chapter of your life, here are some things to think about as you venture into putting the family home on the market in Crowley:

1) Cost of Real Estate Agents

It’s no great secret: it’s expensive to hire a real estate agent to list your home for sale. And then agents give you a list of things that need to be fixed and updated to get the maximum amount for your house. Who has time for that when you’re planning graduation parties and filling out financial aid forms? Not to mention, listing your home with an agent equals showings…and you know what that means: having to keep your house in picture-perfect condition with no dirty dishes in the sink and all of the laundry hidden away. Is the hassle really worth it?

2) Waiting for Potential Buyers to Get Financing Approved

As a society, we’re used to getting things done very, very quickly, but selling your home with a real estate agent takes time, and it’s time you don’t have to waste! Once an agent finds a prospective buyer, the process of getting your home appraised and the buyer’s loan all settled can take as long as 30 days! During prime home-buying seasons, it can even take 45-60 days! 1

3) And Then More Waiting…

Just when you thought your waiting was done, the next step of the process begins. It can take up to 180 DAYS to close.2 Think about that: that number translates to 6 months! But the entire process doesn’t have to be that long or complicated. HomeGo3 offers fast and hassle-free options for selling your home that leave you free to think about what happens next as a new life chapter begins. Sell your Crowley, TX house fast with us!

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