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To Rent or Not to Rent in Torrence, CA: That is the Question

“Seems it never rains in Southern California…” Well, Albert Hammond’s 1970’s hit almost got it right. Life in Southern California can be pretty amazing. After all, it is the land of opportunity, superstars, and year-round sunshine. Maybe you came to the Golden State chasing your dreams and decided to stay awhile. You bought a house in Torrance, just a few miles from the sparkling waters of the Pacific. You fantasized about golden afternoons in the sunshine, surfing, pool parties, and barbecues. And then, reality set in, as it tends to do. You’re now a homeowner. And with that comes lots and lots of responsibilities and costs by way of upkeep and repair that can spell financial disaster and seriously cut into your daydreaming time. Here are some reasons it might be better to be a renter:

Exterior Maintenance:

Even with Torrance’s temperate climate, no one likes to spend their free time tending to landscaping or cleaning rain gutters. It seems homeowners always have grass to mow, hedges to trim, or paint jobs to retouch. Now, imagine life as a renter where, for a small monthly fee, all of that can be taken care of. Sometimes, it’s included in the rental costs.

Internal Maintenance and Repairs:

Toilets flood. Carpet ages. Paint chips. Air Conditioners wear out. Life happens. And, if you own a home, you’re left holding the bag—and an empty wallet—when it comes time to pay1. But if you’re in an apartment or condo, the solution to internal issues that come up is just a phone call away to the front office or landlord’s home.

Just the Basics:

In today’s world, electricity, hot water, and even Wi-Fi are considered essentials. But they can also be costly. Wi-Fi and cable costs alone can be upwards of $200 a month. And that’s before the water, sewer, and electric bills come. But some rental units actually include the cost of these things in the monthly rent bill. Or they might run a special discount on utilities for new tenants. Ready to sell your home? HomeGo can be your California dream come true! We buy homes, condos and townhouses in any condition without any cost to you. We offer a quick and easy 3-step process that can happen in just a week. Sell your house fast and start searching for freedom in your Torrance, CA rental today.


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