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How to Increase Your Curb Appeal in Whittier, California

First impressions are important. You would never show up for a job interview without the appropriate dress. Houses are no exception. The first impression that your house makes on a potential means everything. From that first impression they decide if they even want to enter to see the rest of the home, and even if they enter, it will stick in their minds as they go about the entire house. Because of this, curb appearance is extremely important if you want to sell your house fast in Whittier, CA. So how do you increase your home’s curb appeal for buyers?

Attracting Interest

Better Grass- When many home buyers come to view a house they have big visions for the space. Many times they will picture a big yard with plush grass1. A nice yard is an important feature for many home buyers, so a nice green yard will do a lot of good for your home’s curb appeal. Landscape- Beyond the grass, you should make sure that the landscaping in your yard is well-maintained. Depending on the space and the amount of sun, this might mean fresh blooming flowers or loads of beautiful greenery. Just make sure to keep the area well-mulched, outlined, and weeded. Add Features- Be sure to bring out any particularly nice or unique features of the home. For example, if you have a nice front porch, add a swing and a couple of planters to make the space more appealing to visitors. Paint- a fresh layer of paint can go a long way to lifting the aging features of a house. If your home is lined with siding be sure to give it a quick paint before you welcome potential buyers. Outline Walkway- If there is a walkway to your front door be sure to lead visitors to the door with a nice and crisp lining of the sidewalk. Not only does this provide a pleasant entrance way, but it also draws the eyes in an aesthetically pleasing direction to the front door which can help increase curb appeal for a potential buyer.

Keep It Simple

While this is all a lot of work, curb appeal is a necessity is traditional real estate if you want buyers to consider your home. If you don’t think the work is worth the sale maybe it is time to consider alternative methods to traditional real estate and seek more modern options. Sell your house fast in Whittier, CA with the help of HomeGo.


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