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Signs It May Be Time to Give Up Your Condo in Madison, TN

Owning a condo in Madison can bring with it easy home maintenance and close-knit community life. But recently, you’ve noticed that it might be time to move on to bigger and better things—with emphasis on the bigger! Here are a few signs that it may be time to upgrade:

1) Your Needs Are Changing

The average condo offers roughly 20 feet by 30 feet of living space.1 Condo life might be perfect for first-time homeowners or for starry-eyed newly-weds. But what happens when that charming, cozy space starts to feel claustrophobic, or when you need space from your significant other’s quirks? And what about when your family starts to grow? The early months of preparing for a baby’s arrival can be a good time to think about a brand new—and larger–nest.

2) Your Wants Are Changing

In a town so close to the bright lights of Nashville, it might be your dream to get closer to the big city. But often, as our life unfolds in front of us, we want to settle in quiet, residential neighborhoods. We want big, grassy backyards for family barbecues and we dream about long, wrap-around porches for sipping lemonade or sweet tea on sticky Tennessee nights. Maybe you and some friends even want to build a backyard campfire and jam with guitars and s’mores. Purchasing a house and land can be a big step, but think about how you want the next phase of your life to look and start planning for the future.

3) You’re Weary of the Rules

Most condos are part of associations, and while they offer the convenience of things like lawn care, there is also a host of rules and approval committees that come with the package. Conformity is the norm. So, it bothers you that it’s out of the question to paint your front door chartreuse or buy a mailbox shaped like a giant octopus. Or maybe you want to add to your posse of “fur-babies” beyond the two-pet limit. If any of these apply to you, it might be time to think about a fast way to sell your condo. Where to start? Visit HomeGo! Our goal is to sell your Madison, TN house fast! Our quick and easy process can have you free to look for your new home in as little as a week!


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