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Staging a home for sale is critical to the listing and showing process. The goal of staging is to present a neutral home. You want potential buyers to be able to see themselves living there. Decluttering the house goes a long way toward making the space neutral, but there’s still more work to do. As you clean the interior, take these steps to increase the home’s appeal. Start with these six steps in staging a home to get the interior ready for showings.

Use High Wattage Bulbs

High wattage bulbs make your home appear brightly lit. Dim bulbs, on the other hand, hide imperfections in your home. It may seem tempting to use low light to mask flaws, like walls that need to be spackled. But the risk here is that home buyer will think your home is old or dingy. You will get better results by cleaning and tidying what you can, investing in minor home repairs, and using bright lights to highlight your space.

Open Windows and Curtains

Opening the windows and curtains will let in light and fresh air, which will increase your home’s appeal. While you would not want to open the windows in winter or on a rainy day, if the weather is nice, crack the windows to get a breeze going. Drawing back the curtains is essential because it increases the flow of natural light.

open windows when staging a house

Paint Over any Bright Walls with a Neutral Tone

Room color can be polarizing. It’s best to play it safe by painting over bright colors with a neutral tone. Sure, that bright pink bathroom may appeal to a few home buyers, but it will turn off more people than it engages. This all goes back to taking your personality out of the home and making it appeal to the widest possible network of home shoppers.

Flip Cushions on Couches, Sofas, and Chairs

You probably won’t replace your chairs and sofas because you are staging the home, although furniture rental is definitely an option. Flipping the cushions over will actually make your furniture look almost as good as new.

Flipping the cushion hides upholstery that may be stained or faded from the sun. The back side of cushions and pillows may actually be plushier than the front side. Dust off furniture and flip the cushions to give your room an instant makeover.

If you have any furniture that is too old or damaged to show well, avoid the temptation to camouflage damage with blankets and throw pillows. You’re better off removing and replacing it with something undamaged or changing the room layout.

Give the Master Bathroom a Gender-Neutral Makeover

Bathrooms are one of the most gendered areas in the home. It’s where you have your shaving kit, your makeup, and other personal care items. However, you don’t know who will be attracted to your home— and what personal care items might turn them off.

Take all of the gendered personal items out of your bathroom and store them. It might not make sense to pack these up if you’re still living in the home, but you may be able to condense them down into travel kits, which you can easily store out of sight.

After you’ve given your bathroom a gender-neutral makeover, stage the room. First, clean the bathroom thoroughly. Then put out a soft hand towel and nice toiletries in a gender-neutral scent. Nice lotion and hand soap will go a long way toward making a positive first impression.

Working through these steps will hide any elements in your home that might distract potential buyers and play up the natural appeal of your home structure and furnishings. By casting your net as wide as possible through neutralizing the interior, you can increase the chances of getting an offer…or better yet, multiple offers.

Staging the interior of your home is arguably the most time-consuming (and expensive) portion of the process. If you don’t want to deal with the extra costs and hours of cleansing the interior of your house, let HomeGo know. We specialize in an easier way to sell your home. HomeGo buys houses as-is, no staging and no repairs. Schedule your 10-minute walk-through for your no-obligation cash offer today and find out how easy selling your home can be.

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