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The Risks You Take When You FSBO in Tucker, GA

No, it’s not the latest Georgia dance craze sweeping the nation. FSBO is simply an acronym, most commonly known in real estate, meaning “for sale by owner.” Selling your home on your own without the help of a real estate agent might seem like a great way to make the process easier, but there are definitely some factors to consider about the risks involved.

The Real Estate Struggle

You might not realize that it takes a lot of time, energy and dedication to simply get the word out about your home for sale. Certainly, this day and age of social media makes the spread of information a little bit easier, but think about all of those people selling something on Facebook that you have ‘unfollowed’ after countless pleas for friends to buy this lip gloss or that never-dull kitchen knife. Imagine the reaction to the kind of persistent advertising it takes to effectively sell a whole house!

Home Selling is Not as Easy As it Looks

Reports show that the average FSBO home sells for a whopping 15% less than homes sold through a realtor.1 But before you reach for the phone to enlist the help of an agent, keep in mind that agents receive an average of 7% commission after the sale of your home is complete. And then there are those pesky fees and closing costs…Still want to try this on your own? Think again. What about the research involved with current price trends in the Tucker area or throughout the state? How do you know what your home is valued at without costly and time-consuming inspections? And other headaches? Prospective buyers who are more curious and nosy than serious and pre-approved for home loans can be a serious waste of your time. Paperwork and necessary legal documents can lead to hours of research and phone calls in order to make sure all of your ducks are in a row, not to mention potential buyers’. Why are you making this way more complicated than it needs to be? HomeGo offers you simple solutions to all of these issues and more. And all you have to do? Sell your Tucker, GA house fast when you contact us today!


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