Sell Your Home in Mableton, GA

Why You Should Plan to Sell Your Home and Leave Mableton, GA

Whether you have been a Mableton resident for some time or only moved there recently, unfortunately, it is not shaping up as the best place to own a home. With the reasons below in mind, you may want to start making plans to pull off a quick sale of your Mableton, GA home and move to a new city.

Crime is Up

According to Neighborhood Scout crime analytics1, Mableton is not a safe, crime-free place to live. In fact, it is only safer than 17% of other cities, with the rate of property crime being the highest amongst crime types. Violent crime does not take a backseat, and much of this involves theft. It has more than double the amount of crimes per square mile than the rest of Georgia, which is troubling given that it is a small city.

Home Prices are Down

While you may think it is not an ideal time to sell your home because prices are lower, the 3% year over year decrease2 in home prices, and the 10-year downward trend, which saw a loss in home value3 of over 20% line up to show that prices will simply continue to drop. It is better to sell your house fast in Mableton, GA, and get out at a bit of a loss over what you paid, than wait a year and potentially take a huge loss if prices start to drop more rapidly.

It’s Costing you More

The cost of living in Mableton, GA sits higher than the average for the rest of Georgia and for the rest of the nation4. Compared to the rest of the state, it is 5% more expensive to live in Mableton, despite the fact that the rate of sales tax is lower and housing costs are lower. Given that you are losing money on your property, while paying more to live there, it sounds like the perfect reason to get out. Put things in place to sell your house fast in Mableton, GA before the prospects get worse and you are losing too much money. If these factors are enough to scare you into wanting to make a move out of Mableton, the first thing to take care of is selling your house. Contact HomeGo and we will make this a stress-free process, setting you up to sell your house fast in Mableton, GA home so that you can move to a new place and be safer and happier.


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