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Why To Avoid Working With A Real Estate Agent In Saint Petersburg, FL

Maybe there’s a job opportunity you can’t refuse. Maybe your family is growing and you need more space. Perhaps you’ve fallen in love with a new community and are ready to set down permanent roots. There are dozens of reasons for someone to sell their home in St. Petersburg and beyond, but many people make the mistake of choosing a real estate agent to help them when they don’t really need one. Here’s why you may want to look for alternative options.

The Problem With Real Estate Agents

Part of the issue with real estate agents is that a lot of the information they can provide you with can be found elsewhere, whether you’re buying or selling. Their main function is to serve more as a convenience, coordinating viewings, handling the legal side of things, and the like. The question is whether or not this convenience is worth paying a portion of your home sale. For some, not necessarily. Some people see an alternative in the “For Sale By Owner” route, but this has its pitfalls as well. You suddenly shoulder a massive burden of listing the house on your own, taking appropriate photographs, and talking to potential buyers. The slight money you may save may not be worth the huge time investment, especially if you end up selling for too low a price.

Understanding St. Petersburg Housing

Part of the reason you don’t want to flub your home sale, with an agent or by yourself, is that Saint Petersburg is currently in a seller’s market. This means you can make money you would never have expected from a home sale, if you leverage things properly. Florida isn’t like other states in that there a lot of different housing markets within the state itself, and the St. Petersburg/Tampa area is surging, largely due to lots of downtown development and a great quality of life. When you take all this into account, it’s easy to see how you would want to sell your home in St.Petersburg, FL, right away. It’s also easy to see why you wouldn’t want to deal with the headaches of a traditional home sale or working with agents. This is why companies like HomeGo are a perfect match. We can help you sell your home quickly at a fair price, while avoiding the stress and hassle that many other sellers have to go through.

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